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  • KristiDagz - good for all hair types

    We buy smaller bottles from our stylist but she stopped carrying these larger bottles. There are 3 women in my house who use it - we need a big bottle! Remarkably, this works on all hair types. Two of us have frizzy hair, and the oil controls that. One of us has straight hair, and it just gives her hair shine and control. One of us flat irons her hair, and the oil protects her hair. I used to use more expensive products but the last time I tried to it really dried my hair out! This product protects and hydrates your hair, giving it shine and control. It seems magical, and too good to be true, right? I was skeptical about trying it too, but I'm so glad I did!

  • BigL - Love it

    There's a definite decrease in signal strength vs the original, still works but depending on the station and where you're located you'll find yourself with a more limited choice of stations that have a cleaner reception. I was happy to live with that as I don't use the radio much, but then one day it popped off! The screw is still in place so it's not a case of the whole thing unscrewing, just the rubber part that's attached to the bottom screw came off. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be another replacement for the original (which I hate), so may get another anyway and keep a closer eye on it.

  • Cannuck - Just bought 3 and now I will return them

    Here is a copy of the chat I had with their Tech. I can't believe they can't resolve this silly issue.

  • Chris - BELLY FAT CURE

    I have recently lost quite a bit of weight and aim to keep it off. Since I am over 40, my belly was a problem no matter what exercise or diet I did. Now with this book, I know how to keep my belly trim, eat nutritiously and never {yes, never] diet again. If you you call Jorge Cruise's book a diet, you are sadly mistaken. He gives you and plans with you a very healthy lean way to live. Buy the book and learn how to live well and live in terrific shape forever.

  • apasitolento - The secret to using Kinky Curling Custard and having your curls bounce!

    If you want to have some curl definition this is the way to go, for sure. Since most people have written the same thing, here's what I would add in terms of my routine to help you deal with the annoyance of getting out of your shower with completely wet hair dripping all around you before and after you apply the product: (I have short hair, about 2-3 inches on top, half of that on the sides)First thing i do is wash my hair with shampoo and run my hands through my hair a few time to kind of "ring" the excess water out of it after rinsing the shampoo out. After I do that, I do my shower routine, trying to not get additional water in my hair.

  • go4broke - This book will change your life.

    I chose to give this book a 5 star rating because it makes sense and I know that when I employ the principles outlined in this book I feel better. I want to shout out to everyone "why are you taking poisonous drugs" ? This book should be your health bible. Thank you so much for reminding me that I can live without drugs which I have been doing for the last 20 years and giving me more information to put in my own personal health bible.

  • Cupertation - just getting started, but seems to make a difference

    I finished my first bottle of 30 and moved on to the 90 count- great price + amazon prime. This will be my second month of using Alpha Brain and it seems to help. I have 10-12 hour days at work and noticed that the last week or so have been more productive-- especially at the end of the day.