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Lemus Medical Center - Industrial Medicine - DOT Physicals - USCIS Examination - City of Commerce - Los Angeles - Industiral Clinic - Lemus Medical Center provides excellent care for work injuries and workers' compensation. We also provide other services like DOT service for truck driver, drug test, BAT, and many more.

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  • K. Bachelor - Too bad I couldn't give a zero or minus review

    I checked the reviews ...just wish I did before wasting my money on this product. Absolutely does not work. The advertising was misleading, as with most "As Seen on TV" scams. I did not buy it from the TV ad, and waited till it was in the store.

  • Katie S. - Great for getting smooth arms!

    I have been using Apricot Scrub since middle school (which was a LOOONG time ago). Like one reviewer mentioned, if I use it too often on my face it actually causes me to break out - so I only use it once a week on my face (the Grapefruit St Ives Scrub is better and gentler for my face). The reason I love this stuff, though, is because of what it does for my ARMS. Sometimes the back of my upper arms will get bumps and feel rough -- but if I use this every day (or even as sparingly as every 3 days), I can tell a HUGE difference! I can also tell a difference when I forget to use it. Don't expect to see 100% smoothness after the first day, but after a few applications the bumps/roughness on your arms will be gone or at least minimized. I also use this on my legs in the winter (occasionally) and all over before I get a spray tan.

  • mary dall - Skin cell rating

    The product is no different to any moisturizer on the market. After a month there is no difference in my skin

  • Debra L. West - Price Cheaper.

    This is an excellent product! I purchased mine directly from Simple Sugar. I highly encourage you to do so. The pricing is more than 50% less than Amazon. I love Amazon but this markup is way to high.

  • Mike Chelette - It works

    I was very glad to have come across this product and this particular brand as well. I had some scars cause by surgery that I really badly wanted them to be off of my sight. Luckily, trying this out and being consisted with applying it gave very nice results to skin. This item is one of the best practical ways in reducing the look of scarring. It did produce a good result in the appearance of my scar. This has a variety of features and benefits. I liked that it is mostly made of organic or natural ingredients which makes me believe that my skin is being fed and nourished in the inside with all of its natural goodness. After several usage, I was able to tell the difference from the time I had not used anything on my scar and now that I have been using this. It did diminished that unwanted bad looking skin and I am hoping that eventually with my continuous application, it will totally disappear. This lotion is not sticky as well and is absorb fast by the skin. It also gives good moisture.

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent device

    Does exactly what it us supposed to do. Charges your phone very rapidly. Slightly heavy, but performance of this product makes that easy to overlook. Only drawback, is it could have had more than one port. Great buy.