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  • Ralph Magnocavallo - Not Thrilling!

    Not thrilled with the CD..I listened to the whole thing today and other than two catchy tunes, the rest are blah..Also his voice is not what it was. I can hardly understand him when he sings...The magic was not there for me...

  • Buman - The real thing

    Finally a complete work out that really works (therefore that also means that its Kinect feature works!) It is also challenging as well. No stupid Avatar: you see yourself. Great collection of exercises as well as the Yoga part. Very very well done....

  • Alison - Cheapky made

    The red light is too bright and the green light doesn't stay on long enough so if your child sonetime sleeps a little later they will be waiting for a light that already went off. The quality is not good either. Looks and feels cheap. Way overpriced. For cheaper you can get the gro clock with sun and stars thats better quality from amazonUK. It shipped much faster than it said.

  • jeff1951 - rainbow

    This is a great resource reference directory, From food banks to homeless shelters this publication is an easy one stop source to provide resouces to our clients.

  • Taler Davis - No more clomps of hair!

    Everyone knows I love my daughter, but after giving birth to her 18 months ago my hair has been falling out and I don't mean a few strands here and there. I mean clumps of hair would come out after combing it or during a shower. Running my fingers through it would leave my hand covered in hair. (I wash my hair once a week) I've talked to my doctors and they've all said it was normal but they could never tell me when it would stop. I've had thin hair all my life, but I've had a lot of it. I've tired everything under the sun to stop my hair from falling out to coconut oil (which is great for your hair) to even castor oil (which is supposedly great for your hair too) but no matter the amount of research or diet changes I did nothing seemed to help. It's so bad that no matter what I do my hair just seems to fall out. It doesn't matter if I'm watching a movie, or giving my daughter a bath my hair just falls out. I've cried in the shower, wondering if God hated me, (which is crazy I know he loves me) but in the moment the doubt is there. I feel hopeless most days and it's become a battle to love myself. And then one day I stumbled across a hair serum that promise all these things. (Found it on amazon) Now I've looked at many serums that promise all the same things but the prices were not something I wanted to pay when it was all risks I had to take. Then I came across "Gro-Veda hair growth Serum." Was I worried it wouldn't work? Of course because nothing else had, but what did I have to lose? The price was amazing with shipping it cost less then $20 (thank you no sales tax in Delaware) Last night was the first night I used it. (You leave it in over night) And when I finally put my daughter down for her nap I hopped in the shower dreading that clumps of hair would end up in my hands. To my surprise that didn't happen! Only one or two strands came out! I let my hair dry naturally, and decided to comb it once it was completely dry. Was I worried again? You bet. But to my surprise again nothing was on the comb! Not a single strand of hair! I can't remember the last time that's ever happened. I know this all sounds too good to be true, but guess what this product actually works I couldn't be happier. It's left my hair feeling so soft and less frizzy. I'm not worried about my hair growing right now. My plan is just to get my hair from falling out. Tonight is my second time using it and I can't wait to see the results in the morning.