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  • Bob Crowell - This is an expensive product so I was disappointed by the results

    I was really hoping this would remove or at least improve the stains on my 15 year old roof. I applied as directed (pressure washer with extension and proper nozzle for solution application) and waited...and waited...and waited. It has been about 4 months and there really isn't any difference. The stains are the same as before the application.The directions do say it could take up to six months to work but I'm not confident that the additional time is going to change anything. I have enough product left for another application but with all the effort that's involved to apply the solution (I have high, steeply pitched rooflines to access) I don't know if it's worth the trouble. This is an expensive product so I was disappointed by the results. Also I have 3 gallons left that I may not use and can't return. The 30 day return policy on a product like this doesn't give you enough time to determine whether it's worked or not. Maybe this is just an isolated case but I had expected a better result.

  • Danny - No matter how much I play it is just a bit to easy and redundant

    I just cant really get into this thing. I think I may have bought this product when I was to advanced. I cant seem to get the gameplay to match my skill level. No matter how much I play it is just a bit to easy and redundant. I have more problems really understanding the whole flow of things which in turn really pulls away from the experience.

  • Kim in Austin - Really good product, but much harder to install that predicted

    Really good product, but much harder to install that predicted. Should have instructions included to make at least somewhat easier. It took at least 4 hours for my husband, son and I to get this installed. With that said, it is a quality product and works perfectly.

  • Amazon Customer - A fun, chaotic multiplayer game

    A fun, chaotic multiplayer game. Single player is a pleasant surprise, much better than previous Battlefield games. Great multiplayer and great teamwork mechanics. If you like Battlefield, you will like this game. If you want to get into the franchise, this is a good time to start.

  • Mrs. Entity - It worked for me

    I used to get this from my hairdresser. She promised that if I used the shampoo and conditioner every day or at least every other day, my hair would stop thinning and new hair would grow. All I can say is that it worked for me. I don't know what's in them that makes them work, but I started growing new hair amongst what was left of my old hair. It's not thick, but it's thick-er, and you can't see my entire scalp through my hair anymore.

  • Linda - Tinted Bug Reflector

    This is a great product! Came professionally packaged, arrived quickly, and is exactly as described. My husband installed it quickly and easily on his 2013 Jeep Wrangler. It even has "JEEP" laser engraved on the edge. So far at lower speeds it does reflect bugs, not so much at the higher speeds. It does, however, deflect the air flow which seems to be giving a little better gas mileage and also deflects the washer fluid down onto the window instead of over the roof. We recommend this product!