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  • C. PAULUS - Some Very Nice Capabilities, Some Significant Weaknesses

    I used MasterCook to build a family favorites cookbook about 10 years ago. Had a good time doing it, but was looking for a software program that would simplify inputting ingredients and directions. I've used Living Cookbook for about 6 months. Here's my impression.

  • Manuel G. Zamora - Easy Registration, works with Win 7

    I bought 2010 Pro this time around. Before this version.. I bought 2011 Complete Accounting for $26 in March 2012! - I needed another install on another computer, did not want to pay full price so ordered an older version, I think I paid $50 this time around since I wanted the Pro Version and that was the cheapest at the time I purchased but they get cheaper if many are available so just wait and see. I cannot tell the difference between the 2011 and 2010.

  • Momma Bee - So absorbent and soft. Great for yoga!

    The colors and texture of this yoga towel are just amazing! Very vibrant wine color and the microfiber is so very squishy soft! This fits over my yoga mat well which I really liked and appreciated particularly about this specific yoga towel. It's so very soft and absorbent and this typically improves with washing when it comes to microfiber. I haven't tried this on a bare floor so I cannot attest to that but I can't imagine it being very supportive on it's own as it is thinner than a traditional towel would be so I doubt it would provide much support. I sweat a normal amount and felt like it did a great job of absorbing sweat and being ideal for yoga needs. This stayed in placed ideally while I was doing a variety of different yoga moves. It didn't slip and I didn't have any issues with it not staying put. I have tried several other types and they do wiggle some but I feel like that is to be expected and this one actually works better than my other mat that has small rubber flowers on it. I would definitely recommend this towel to other yoga loving individuals. I was so very thrilled to receive this yoga towel at a slightly discounted rate in exchange for my honest review and opinion which I have given. This is a product that I use regularly and would recommend to others and purchase again.

  • Belinda - I love it!

    love it! First, the delivery was just as described. Secondly, the camera is soooo light you hardly know you are holding it. The clarity is fantastic! The zoom is unreal! Now, you have to know I am a 64 yr. old person that is up to date with this type of product and I love this camcorder. I take photo's to sell. I am taking it to Maui next month and catch some good video and it also takes still photos. Look for my photos online and in your nearest stationary store.

  • L. Black - Could be Better

    I have gone through three Swiffer Sweepers in a year. They break at the second joint on the handle and become unusable. I don't believe it is only because of my firm cleaning style. While I am muscular, I am not heavy. 117 pounds during curling season and no more than 135 pounds off season. So it is not like I am a 250 pound pole vaulter. Like everyone else, I just want my kitchen floor clean without having to get on my hands and knees. After the last Swiffer handle broke, I refused to buy a new one. Instead, I took matters into my own hands. I replaced the handle with a stalk of bamboo harvested from my yard. It has held up magnificently. If it was made like this originally I would have given it a five star review. But it didn't. It came with a cheap metalish handle fastened in three segments. As is, one star.

  • Nathan Clark - Satisfied.

    This product required modification in the form of rounding off all four corners along the length of the shaft in order to fit in my Volvo hitch reciever. Other than the install I'm happy with the initial quality of the product. I do wish it was waterproof though. It very much is not. Easy solution is a zip lock bag inside.