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Burr & Blade Coffee Grinders, Mills, Espresso Machines & More! - Looking for the best coffee grinder to brew delicious coffee and espresso at home or in a cafe or restaurant? We review all of the top models from the most

  • Aeropress - This page contains all of our articles which contains information and / or reviews relating to the Aeropress coffee & espresso maker.
  • Best Blade Grinders - This section of the website contains several reviews of the best blade grinders available, in order to assist you in finding the one that suits you best!
  • Coffee Blog - Welcome to the Know Your Grinder Coffee Blog! Here we have a variety of articles about coffee from around the world, as well as info about coffee grinders
  • Coffee Product Comparison Reviews - This page is for our comparison review articles, which take two different coffee-making products such as two grinders or espresso machines, and discuss their
  • Burr Grinders | All About The Best Brands, Makes, & Models - When it comes to getting the most consistent ground coffee, whether at work or home, you'll want to look at only the best burr grinders to do the job.
  • Cold Coffee - When it comes to cold coffee, we hear the terms "cold brew" and "cold press" quite often, and we've written article on both topics, as they're different...
  • Espresso - We have two pages on this site about espresso - this one and our page that is specifically about espresso machines. This page is our general page for...
  • Manual Coffee Grinder Mill Reviews - Quick Definition Of A Coffee Mill: Think pepper mills, but for coffee. You grab the handle, you turn it, and voila - freshly ground delicious ground coffee
  • Serving Sets - This page features information and articles about serving sets, which are of course a huge part of coffee culture, both here in the North America and...
  • Where Do The Best Coffee Beans In The World Come From? - In order to answer the question "Where do the best coffee beans in the world come from?", let us begin with a look at the following useful graphic...
  • What Else Can A Coffee Grinder Grind? - What else can a coffee grinder grind? How about flax or chia seeds, wheat, spices, food, nuts, rice, or weed? In this article we take a look at each of these
  • Aeropress Tips - For such a simple coffee maker, you'd think there'd be no tips to give for the Aeropress, and yet, the more you learn about it, the more you realize that...

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  • Jesse Stovall - If you have an old car, get this stuff

    Pulled my 67 VW outta storage and it started but was ROUGH. I let it run a little bit more then grabbed my Sea Foam. Poured it down my carb and fired it back up and no joke, a TON of white smoke came out for a long time. As the smoke cleared and the engine ran, the idle smoothed out and the car purred. If you have an old car that has sat for awhile, throw a can of this down its gullet and enjoy the smoke show.

  • Dave - It had absolutely the worse possible condenser ever put on a refrigerator

    I have had this fridge for 5 years. I decided it's about time to clean the condenser coils. I am a former refrigerator service man. They're supposed to be cleaned yearly, every 6 months if you have pets.

  • Eric H Stout - My favorite college guide

    My favorite college guide. Perfect when supplemented with websites like,'s College Navigator, and for greater detail and more data and the book 8 First Choices to paint the big picture and help one see the forest through the trees.

  • Harvey Fish Jr. - Amazon bear very cuddly.

    It is a very nice stuffed bear that I received free when making a purchase. My daughter loves to cuddle with it at night.

  • Bethann Dotson - One of the Best Things for Tummy Time

    This is wonderful. I just inflated the border, filled the mat with tap water (not too full so there is plenty of room for movement) and sealed it with the plug. I put my grandbaby on his tummy and the enjoyment for both of us began. He laughed as he tried to push and grab the fish and stars that float around in the mat. I feel he was being stimulated, and challenged. There are a lot of colors and every time he moved it created fun and excitement for both of us. It's easy to clean, if anything gets on it, and it's easy to store, (just let the water out) and fold it. .It is great visual and tactile stimulation. It says it is for babies 6 months and up but my grandson is only 2 months old and I put him on a boppy pillow and as will all babies he moves his hands and arms about. When it inadvertently hits the mat he watches the fish move about. I never leave him alone while he is using it. I recommend this for anyone with a baby around, I will be purchasing more as gifts. Everyone who has seen it loves it. I received a discount for my unbiased review.

  • Craig A. Brubaker - I was connected with a man of very broken English who I was dumb enough to let remotely control my PC

    What a joke. I received an activation code not a CD. After searching the net to find out how to activate the code, I was funneled to multiple choice phone numbers. EENIE, MEENIE, MINEE, MO!! I was connected with a man of very broken English who I was dumb enough to let remotely control my PC. He told me there was nothing he could do unless I was willing to let them charge me 300.00 bucks to remove 10969 threats first. My computer has been running fine. Just wanted a better protection than windows essentials. I instructed the guy to put my computer back the way it was and disconnect. WHO DO YOU TRUST??? I am not happy and give this -0 stars.....It took me a scan and 2 recovery's to get my PC back. I believe it was an attempt to scare me out of 300.00. Pissed off.

  • Mithun - Cricket

    Real fun for Cricket lovers. Very good graphics. Real cricket touch. Use HDMI cable with HDTV & enjoy this game in US.