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Non-animal chitosan and chitin manufacturer | KitoZyme - KitoZyme is a manufacturer of biopolymers and a full-service provider of medical device products. More precisely, KitoZyme develops and produces in Liège in Belgium vegetal chitosan (and derivatives), chitin-glucan and beta-glucan, exclusively extracted from renewable, non-GMO vegetable sources.

  • Weight Management | Non-animal chitosan and chitin manufacturer | KitoZyme - KitoZyme is a Life Sciences company, active in health and wellness, nutrition and natural solutions.
  • Our unique approach | Non-animal chitosan and chitin manufacturer | KitoZyme - For the first time, KitoZyme technology enables the production of three high-purity fibers exclusively from renewable, non-GMO and non-animal sources. The resulting animal-free biopolymers are efficient, safe and non-allergenic.
  • KiOslim® | Non-animal chitosan and chitin manufacturer | KitoZyme - KiOslim® is a NEW technology intended to treat excess weight:Improves the satiation feeling Prevents cravingsSuperior fat binder
  • KiOcardio® | Non-animal chitosan and chitin manufacturer | KitoZyme - KiOcardio is a dietary supplement composed of non-animal chitosan which helps to maintain a healthy blood cholesterol level
  • KiOfiber® | Non-animal chitosan and chitin manufacturer | KitoZyme - Multitasking fiber.Overall well-being!KiOfiber is daily fiber supplement in digestive health
  • Gastrap® | Non-animal chitosan and chitin manufacturer | KitoZyme - Intended use for symptomatic treatment of gas-related GI-complaints by : - Favouring gas elimination - Improving stool consistency - Restoring healthy flora
  • Production | Non-animal chitosan and chitin manufacturer | KitoZyme - KitoZyme's technology enables for the first time ever the production of high-purity non-animal chitosan, exclusively from renewable, non-GMO sources without any synthetic manipulations
  • History | Non-animal chitosan and chitin manufacturer | KitoZyme - Discover the different steps of KitoZyme since its set up as a spin-off of the University of Liège in 2000.

    Country:, Europe, BE

    City: 4.35 , Belgium

  • Radiofanboy - A must have reference & review book for medical students.

    Referred to by many as the Bible in medical school, this book is in essence a review and reference book.

  • THill - Nothing Better to Highlight Breaking Bad's Last Episode

    A classic song 1960"s style, a classic musical ending to Breaking Bad (think about "baby blue" and the meth lab), and a great remaster for all of us to enjoy well into the future!

  • Stacy Davis - Halloween FUN!

    Our favorite pair of writers has done it again!! They've given us a sweet and sexy read for Halloween! The sweet is super sweet and the sexy is off the charts! Get this book and read it now, you will be sooooo glad you did!!!

  • Ericka J. - Wish the low reviews were here when I pruchased this version.

    As a first time user of QB for my new small business I have to say I am really disappointed in this product. As other reviewers have pointed out, this program now tries to sell you on upgrades to other services that should just be included to begin with.

  • Angela - Bought for my sis for Christmas and just bought one for myself

    These scents are all wonderful. And they are all strong enough that if you sniff them out of the bottle they may singe your nose haha. My favorite is probably sweet orange, but they all have useful medicinal purposes. If anyone in my house gets a head or chest cold I am sure the eucalyptus will be used. The peppermint seems to have a positive impact on my sinuses. I actually just used some of the tea tree oil for a hair and skin care recipe using olive oil and essential oils. It worked out very well, especially for my skin. I tend to have very dry, irritated skin in the winter time, and lotions just don't seem to help for very long. I started using olive oil and then thought, why not try adding the essential oils in the recipe? You can tell the difference between just using olive oil versus using olive oil mixed with this tea tree oil. Therefore, while the olive oil works great, the tea tree oil from this sampler definitely adds to the positive effect it has on my skin.

  • C.O. - Great Mouse Pad For Gaming...

    If you have a wide surface area on your desk and you're a gamer, this is an excellent mouse pad covering a lot of space. The SteelSeries has a lot of great options, in my case I got the qck+. It comes rolled up but it laid flat fairly quick out of the box and has excellent traction, especially when paired with a gaming mouse, highly recommended.

  • OG Sasquatch - cheap entry level video/music editing burning suite

    As title states.... I find it works well. It's not a professional or Hollywood suite of tools. If you are not very savvy in the ways of video production especially though, you don't need that. This is a simpler on than say trying to figure out Adobe Premiere with hundreds of things to learn. It also seems to work well just burning vids and discs of other types too. I bought it as a lightning deal download for 15 bucks and got photoshop 4 with it, just to see how far Roxio had come in about 10 years when I last owned their burning software. They try hard to get you to "update cheaply" to NXT2 and Photoshop Pro and etc... but I just wanted to know what this version was like