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  • Francis Hoy - Best aid I found

    I tried to teach myself Access 2010 using the company manuals and other teaching aids and was struggling. This book was the best resource I found. About like having someone at your shoulder answering your questions.

  • Fast Eddie - Hard to install the brake pedal

    The gas pedal just snaps right on. The brake pedal is a whole other story. I followed the instructions and after about an hour I gave up. After thinking about it, I decided I needed a special tool to help pull the rubber over the metal edge of the brake pedal. I took an old putty knife and snapped half of the blade off in my vise. I then bent about 1/4 inch of the remaining blade about 20 degrees. I slipped the bent blade under the edge of the rubber and slid it left to right as I pulled back on it and the pedal slipped right on. It was kind of like using a shoehorn.

  • Richard Middleton - What WORX doesn't tell you about its batteries....

    I have used cordless trimmers for at least ten years. When my favorite 24V Yardstick died and I couldn’t get parts, I bought the WORX. I was surprised at its light weight, but impressed by its performance (admittedly on a small lawn which had been carefully edged before, so the trimmer wasn’t having to do any “earth-moving”): no line breaks and very quick. Probably a 4-star rating at that point, with one star deducted for

  • Jimmy Liang - Seems to work okay

    I was able to do 3 layers of this on my 3 IKEA chairs. Not quite sure if it works as a stain blocker yet, but I can say that it doesn't change the color of the cover, and the feel of the chair after application is the same.