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  • Michelle G - Fantastic!

    So, I am still in the process of testing out different ways to use this oil but my favorite so far is putting a few drops in my bath water. Well, I actually add about 5-7 drops. I love the way it smells and I can completely relax. I am eager to try it in soaps too. This is really another great quality essential oil from New York Biology. I cannot wait to see what else I can do with it as I am just getting started with experimenting with essential oils. I plan on putting some in my sons oil diffuser to see if it will calm him before he goes to bed. Overall, its a great product.

  • Matt King - Handy kit to have around!

    I was amazed at how easy it was to remove really tough to access blackheads. Not only did it reduce pain normally required from pinching using your fingers, there was little redness and left no mark. I see this tool as a necessary around the house to keep those pesky blackheads and whiteheads at bay.