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Baylor Scott & White Health Careers - Find a career at Baylor Scott & White Health, where you’ll learn the difference between being a health care provider, and being one who truly serves others.

  • Working Here Baylor Scott & White Health - See what it means to serve. Join us, and together we can improve health care and become a national role model for others to follow.
  • News and Event - Baylor Scott & White Health - Two health care leaders shared calling About Us - Baylor Scott & White Health personalized education Christian ministry healing.
  • Locations - Baylor Scott & White Health - While Baylor Scott & White Health may have a headquarters in Dallas, our reach stretches far across north and central Texas.
  • Job search results - Baylor Scott & White Health - Some have jobs We have a calling Join Baylor Scott & White Health know difference personalized education Christian ministry healing BayloScottandWhite

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  • Masha Jour - Great ADDITION to Study Material

    The test prep book contains all the subject matters covered and guides you through reasoning, logic, and general information you need to know about each topic. As I read through this book, I felt like I was reading a friend's advice -- it was not boring, not long-winded, but straight to the point, which I liked and appreciated! There are a few sample questions throughout the chapters, and a sample exam at the end BUT I strongly recommend that if you take the GRE, you definitely practice on other sample questions and sample exams. You should not rely on this book alone because it is pretty skinny and just doesn't have the amount of practice problems that you need to do well. That being said, it's a great book to ease you into the GRE and breaks it down for you. I have testing anxiety and this really helped me realize that it's not a big deal and that I can definitely master the GRE. There are no inaccuracies and the tips are great, but I'll say it again: don't rely on this book alone.

  • Sean F. Hanson - Worth It

    I would say this tablet is worth $120. Bought it for the wife who is not much of a technophile, and she loves it. She uses it for basic web browsing, email, facebook, and playing games. It does have some glitches, and it's not the fastest tablet on the market by far, but for someone who is a basic computer user/internet surfer it does just fine. Again, the most important thing to me is if you get your money's worth and I'd say with this tablet you do.

  • Robert J. Pruger - Candidly Refreshing

    It's hard to think of a living American sociologist who is more thoughtful, frank and effective than Charles Murray.