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  • Cindy K. Spears - NEVR-DULL ~ THE BEST EVER!

    I have used Nevr-Dull for years. I am in the antique business and this is absolutely THE BEST to use for polishing silver and cleaning jewelry. It leaves no paste or residue in the tiny crevices of jewelry since it is a wadding material much like soft cotton. You tear off a tiny piece or whatever size you need so there is no waste. There is a lot in a can so one can lasts a long time for me. It has proven safe for everything I have used it on (it says don't use on lacquer)and it works quickly and easily. I LOVE this product and will always use it. Makes my job SO much easier!

  • Isabella and Marco - Light and comfortable. Might not be enough padding if you are going to be on your feet the whole day.

    I got it for our vacation, overseas. It is very light, perfect for packing since luggage weight nowadays are limited. No break in time needed, as expected for any casual sneakers. Love how slim it looks, wore it with socks and without, not hot at all in a 88 F degrees weather. Very comfortable, but FYI: at the end of the day after walking (sight seeing, just being on my feet most of the time) since early morning to late afternoon plus a 6 lb. backpack, my feet were very sore. Added Dr. Scholl's padding and made it a bit more tolerable in the last few hours.

  • Mery - Perfect

    Really happy with my purchase. My baby love sitting in it. A plus is that it is high so the baby can look throughout the window.

  • Sarah Ames - Fantastic!!

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I added this to my wishlist for Christmas. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I also LOVE cooking. I am always looking for something new or a spin on an old dish. This book hits the spot! While it cites recipes mentioned in the Harry Potter series, its really more a cookbook full of traditional and popular recipes from England. It also has notes as to the difficulty, and replacements for ingredients not easily found in the States. It also includes side notes on the history of the dishes or an interesting fact surrounding it. There's a few simple things like how to properly roast beef or how to make a proper cup of English Tea, but there are a lot of recipes or preparations that you rarely see in the States. The instructions are very easy to follow. This is a wonderful cookbook, even if you left out any mention of the Harry Potter Series. I recommend this to anyone who likes to cook who is looking for something yummie for dinner beyond meatloaf or spaghetti!

  • Former CFS Patient - Cellfood gives you a floodgate of energy!

    After I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was recommended to take Cellfood on a regular basis. Of course, at first, I was skeptical like all people before taking anything new.

  • Erin Dahl - Works like a charm!

    I use it so I can walk my son's golf tournament & keep his water & fruit cool. It works great! I recommend using the cool packs instead of ice so it doesn't get heavy when the ice melts.