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  • Tom Swift - I felt like I was cheating

    My strategy with First Aid - I figured out which books were used to make First Aid (I listed them below) and then I read those books to get the explanations that First Aid is lacking. I took notes in First Aid from these books. At the end of my studying, I had one comprehensive source with all my notes. I was able to review this once in the last few weeks before the exam.

  • A. Langley - You will never regret buying this.....

    The price of the Le Creuset French Oven is prohibitive - it always has been. Ten years ago, I exchanged five beautiful but unwanted wedding gifts for this French oven. I feared that it might not be worth it, but my fears were ungrounded. The quality, beauty, and versatility of this product is unsurpassed. You can easily braise a meat on the stove, and then bake it in the oven. You can simmer tomato-based sauces for hours, or slow-cook a stew to perfection. If you have a family and enjoy cooking, you will use this product over and over. After ten years of heavy use, my pot still looks new and I still derive great pleasure in using it. Expensive? Yes, but quality items usually are. You will be so glad you bought this.

  • Garry G. Fujita - Does not play well with my computer

    I have a Dell 8500, Windows 8, i7 processor and 16 gb of ram. (This is pretty current as far as technology is concerned.) Roxio NXT will work and then not work. Videowave will shut down at random times. Finally, I was able to finish one production (part of which included extracting audio from a video on my camera and adding it to the final product). Then I went to burn the DVD but MyDvd would not encode the production. I could find no help at the Roxio website but found a blog on the internet speaking to the problem and it said that if you reboot the computer, and then open MyDvd, Roxio will burn the DVD. Voila, it worked by rebooting. Tonight when I went to do a new production, I tried extracting audio from another one of my videos from my camera. Every time I tried to extract audio ... something that worked 5 days ago ... Vidoewave closed. Rebooting did not solve this problem, so back to the internet to see if anyone else has had this problem and found a work around. I will now look for a more reliable program to replace this buggy product.

  • R. Das - Excellent for Finance Students

    I have been using this book for the past 11 months; this book was recommended for Financial Decision Making course at business school.

  • Dean Goossen Mtn Area Calvary Chapel - Intriguing Observations

    The book is apparently written from a mid tribulation point point of view, which I think in all fairness should be stated clearly up front. There are lots of interesting connections he makes, some of which are a bit tortured. But it does spur us to be a lot more observant in watching the signs of the times!

  • Anthony Mitchell - Billy Bob at his BEST

    Billy Bob Thornton gives an excellent performance in this one as Billy McBride, a washed up prosecutor who gets offered a case about a certain employee of a large defense company blowing up on his boat in the ocean in what is claimed to be a suicide but clearly there are signs it was not. The shows delves into the case one layer at a time, peeling back the crime, but also peeling back a heck of a lot of character. McBride is classic Thornton- very much a jerk on the outside but tender on the inside. William Hurt plays the villain role here, but don't let the half-burnt face, odd glasses and dark, red office fool you. He's much more than a cardboard villain. Like all the characters in this show, he is well developed and complex. The acting and writing are all solid on this one. It's NOT TO BE MISSED!