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  • olive720 - Works well, but very perfumey

    This spray is great at detangling my daughter's thick, curly hair without leaving any gross residue. The smell is too strong, though. I'll look for something a little more natural next time, even if I have to pay a bit more.

  • Mom of three - this is amazing. I love mommy bliss products

    this is amazing. I love mommy bliss products. they have never failed me. i gave this to my son during the day. the next few hours we had an explosion. He was happy and no longer cranky

  • Sabrina - This Really Works, i Highly Recommend!

    So I used to be fit and active when I was in high school, I was a cheerleader and I worked out all the time so I could make sure I could still fit in my uniform, I was weighing about 100 pounds soaking wet, and I was a lot smaller than most people. But after I graduated high school, I didn't work out as much, I didn't participate in any college sports or anything, I just went to work, went to school, and came home and did my homework, eventually I gained 40 plus pounds, and I started getting fat mostly in my butt, and thigh area, and a little in my tummy area, and I started getting stretch marks because my body wasn't use to all this fat. One day I got tired of it, so I got me a little tub of this, and I started putting it on the stretch marks area, and immediately I started seeing results. I put a thick layer on each side, and then I added another thick layer again to make sure it goes through. I've been using it everyday since, and I don't have any more stretch marks. I also heard that when you lose weight, it could cause you get a lot of stretch marks, so when I started losing weight, I made sure that I had a tub of this in hand, and now I feel better than ever. I highly recommend!

  • Julie - It really works!

    I bought this kit from Walmart to repair a couple of scratches on my new black car. The ability of this kit to repair a scratch is based on how deep the scratch is. If you are expecting a miracle for a deep scratch, you need to lower your expectations to a more reasonable level. This is an excellent, inexpensive way to repair MINOR surface scratches. If you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, you need to purchase a second product to really make a difference (see link below). The two products together were less than $30 - money very well spent!

  • Josh - Egg-celent

    It's odd admitting that I've tried multiple microwave-egg-poaching dishes, but I have and this one's my favorite.

  • Amazon Customer - LOVE this product

    I have tried a LOT of tanning products.. A lot. With this one, you don't have to use much so it lasts a long time & it gives you a natural looking tan. My boyfriend's mother showed it to me & now I won't use anything else. Love love love.