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  • Heather Frampton - Bad Disc...Error Message...Shameful

    Attempted to install the program and received an error message. Went to Hallmark tech help and they said the disk is bad. Shame on Amazon for sending faulty equipment! Too bad I opened it too late to be within the return policy guidelines. I am hoping Hallmark will be more helpful than Amazon! Fair warming - sometimes things are too good to be true.

  • Craig Alvaro - Fun (but pricey in the long run)!

    Super, active, family fun! While edited, some spngs may be a bit racy for younger ears, but it's ultimately nothing they couldn't catch on the radio. The subscription service is really mecessary to get the most out of this game, though, which is a bit of a bummer. Other than that, the looks great, sounds great, and PLAYS great!

  • Amazing Phil - Loving it so far...

    This is so much better than my last phone. I can actually text without a stylus because the keyboard is large enough! I mostly use my phone for talk and text with the occasional use of data, so I'm not going to have to worry about running out of app memory. The main camera takes great pictures. At $60.00 you can safely forgo the expense of a case, and tempered glass screen protector (though I did get a cheap one to reduce finger smudges) If this phone breaks after a year or two, you can afford to replace it, and will probably be ready for an upgrade to the newest version anyway. I ran the recommended update with no problems. I really like the features of Android 5.0, and now that my Fire HD OS has updated to 5.0 (basically a modified version of lollipop) I am fairly current on the two devices I use the most. This phone is an excellent value for the price. No problems at all so far, Big enough to use, but still fits in my pocket, and I was able to use my standard PureTalk SIM card. Fantastic battery life with Wifi/Bluetooth turned off, and screen brightness dialed down.

  • Carmina J Grospe - The connectors are not of good quality and after using this for 2 weeks

    This product is okay but what others have commented about the product not lasting for more than a month is true. The connectors are not of good quality and after using this for 2 weeks, the connection has gone bad and you will have to fudge or play with it in order to get it to work again. The manufacturer should really improve the quality of the connectors. People may be willing to pay more if this will work for a long time.

  • GmomC - Very Soft!!

    Very nice, soft and thick. I purchased the 18 x 18 in cream and it is a perfect fit for 18 x 18 pillow. Color is as shown.

  • Ryan Dockter - which is the source of my disappointment. It's true

    It's not that you don't get what is advertised, but it's not exactly what is advertised, either, which is the source of my disappointment. It's true, you can build a couple workable decks at once with relative ease. The sad fact is, however, that you can't build any really coherent decks with it. It'd be nice if they had created a set of cards that was designed to teach someone deck-building. Provide superfluous cards and cards from clearly different decks, but enough of the right cards that you could make a completely coherent deck if you can figure out which cards to use from the set. Not a strong deck, but one that you might put together from an larger pool of totally random cards if you still didn't have great cards.