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  • Sara Craddock - Invaluable resource for 2016

    An exceptional reference book that provides predictions, offers advice and suggests solutions to the myriad of varying life events for each sign.

  • Brian bunch - preferred over metra

    This is what you want to upgrade to a double din radio with no modifications. I had purchase the metra model and it was junk. It needed to be trimmed and sanded to fit around the HU. The bottom half isn't silver like t stock trim, but who cares. Perfect fitment with no issues.

  • Ryan - Nice Wireless Headphones

    I have always used my phone Bluetooth hands free device for listening to music while I run because I hate dealing with wires. The problem with this is that it only goes in one ear, is not loud, and not waterproof. When I saw these wireless headphones I was very excited to try them out. These headphones are very comfortable and easy to wear as well as pair to my phone. The sound quality is very good, nothing negative to say about the comfort or sound quality. The one thing I am not super thrilled with is the design - the front looks kind of square and boxy when they are in my ears, I think they can maybe be rounded a little bit to look a little more stylish. Other than that no complaints whatsoever. I cannot comment about the waterproof feature because they have not gotten wet. I also like the nice little carrying travel case that comes with the purchase. I received this product at a discount on exchange for a fair unbiased review.

  • Travis - Bang for the buck!

    If you are looking for $400 software driven DVR system, this item is not for you. If you are looking for something basic to record up to 4 channels, look no further! I see a lot of reviews about this item where the person is demanding/expecting all sorts of features,its a $10 product! It installed with no hitches at all, within 3 minutes up and running and recording (Win XP). Mine came set to PAL, so be sure to check your settings. I recorded over 8hrs last night and it came out to a 2 gig avi file. During the day recording, it seems the files will be smaller. The software is very basic, you have your 4 channels and a few options off to the side mostly snapshot/picture stuff. I got this for under $15, and it does the most important thing....record with great quality(camera permitting).

  • Amazon Customer - I love it so much i think my grandbaby love it ...

    I love it so much i think my grandbaby love it more and enjoy it more. She really love twinkle little star.

  • Gilbert De Jesus - It works very well.

    Have been trying this out for the last week, and I'm glad that I purchased it!! The reviews of others were right on spot. The 6 USB output tops out at 12A max. You can rely on charging 6 items, phones/tablets, all at the same time and quickly. You can not connect it to a PC to use as extra ports.