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  • Nicole Cannon - Gaga has reinvented the wheel (again)

    Although Joanne is being somewhat poorly received, I love it. Her critics are saying it sounds disjointed, but that's assuming there is a rule dictating every song on an album must sound a certain way. With Gaga, there are no rules, and that's her point. These songs encapsulate all of the different sides of her at this point in her life, and each one has a valuable meaning and commentary behind it. I would invite skeptics to listen to a few of the more lengthy interviews she has done this past week to get a better understanding, if not appreciation, for this album. For those who don't like it - that's fine. Gaga certainly isn't pandering to the masses; she's already famous enough. Nothing will ever be "Poker Face" or "Born This Way" again, and that's how it's supposed to be. She's an artist, not a puppet - her job is to push the boundaries and institute change.

  • anthony sananikone - perfect! great buy!!!

    Overall I like it! But. I had to buy a extending outlet for the device itself since the one that comes stock to my vehical doesn't match (which would have been nice to mention) the strength is good in the car not any noticeable static although in the higher up volumes is starts to get disoriented but not by much. The app works great and no troubles with connecting right off the bat!

  • Charmaine - Best Nike Running Shoe Ever

    I bought the same shoes in a Nike outlet mall last year. I wore them throughout my weeklong trip to Italy which included a lot of walking and standing in lines. I also used them for working out. They are so comfortable that I just had to purchase another pair! So I purchased these hot pink ones on Amazon and I love them just the same. In another 6 months I might just buy another one! :) BTW...I wear a size 11 and don't sometimes need to find wider shoes to wear but for some reason these shoes conform well to my feet.

  • Steve - This is a pass!

    This is not Michael's best cd! Got delivered today and I listened to it right away. Track 3 "Nobody but Me" is a rap song, Michael please leave the rapping to the rappers! Track 5 "Today is yesterday's tomorrow" is a dud! Track 10 God only knows" is much better by the Beach Boys. Michael is great at the standards and should stick to that. He is the Sinatra of our times and should stick to what he knows best. I love all his other CD's but this is a thumbs down!!!!

  • Abby Romano - using this product has made my hair so much thicker and fuller and my curls are beautiful and healthy looking

    I have curly hair and with stress and winter wear, my hair began to think and become limp and ugly.. using this product has made my hair so much thicker and fuller and my curls are beautiful and healthy looking!!!!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!!!!

  • Michael - Best Hair Removal Cream

    Great item, works better than I expected. I will continue to purchase this as long as it is available.