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  • Christina Holden Shea - Chihuahua suffering severe itching and seizures.

    I bought Seresto collars for my chihuahuas and a corgi. My daughter opted not to use the collar on her dog and discontinued use. At first, like many people experienced, flea control with this collar was slow. We were spotting live fleas for weeks after putting them on the dogs. My dogs wore the collars for eight months. Just before Easter our youngest dog (7 years old) started to violently scratching her neck. Within a day she had scratched the fur off her neck and developed bloody sores. We tried to treat the sores and removed the Seresto collar. The following day she had two seizures complete with strange bark, loss of motor skills, tongue blue and twitching. We went from vet to vet on that Easter weekend to the tune of close to a thousand dollars. Not one vet would say that the collar may be to blame.

  • Adam - Perfect for nearly everything.

    I had my eye on one of these for a while, and finally picked one up when the harddrive on my Sony Vaio got corrupted.

  • Alysia Johnson - I get horrible ingrown hairs on my legs and this stuff has ...

    If you suffer from ingrown hairs then this is the stuff for you. I get horrible ingrown hairs on my legs and this stuff has made quite the difference. I have purchased several bottles. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering with ugly ingrown hairs.