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  • Luv2Read - Love, Love, Love!

    Love, Love, Love Suzanne Brockmann! Her characters are flawed, but grow and evolve in wonderful ways. Plots deal with real issues with real outcomes. They draw you in and make you never want to leave. This book is no exception. Fun to look in on Izzy and the gang and exciting to meet the new characters. Funny, moving, suspenseful, all around fabulous book. Thanks, Suz!!

  • minh tran - I like it a lot.

    I know what most of you think about this movie but for me it is very worthwhile seeing regardless the end is coming or not. John Cusack is so funny and compassionate.THe movie gives some good tips for disasters prepareness and ideas what kind of people would survive the hard time. The only part I don't like is the swearing which happens in a couple scenes. Thank God!

  • jack dully - Righty-tighty,lefty-loosy

    The set is very nice,I gave it as a gift,with proper care it should last a long time and did not break the bank.I did not give it the 5 stars for this reason and I believe a very important one.Many of the reviewers mentioned that the handles loosen up over time and have to be tightened,especially on the bigger pots,this is true.Unfortunately the manufacturer does not use a phillips head bolts nor a slotted head bolt to attach the handles, but rather a tamper proof star fastening type bolt, in its place.You need that special bit to tighten the handles on the set that I bought.The company must know that the handles do loosen,so why not make it easy for the customer to do the tightening with a standard screwdriver,and get that pan back in action again,on the stove.I backed out one bolt on the Dutch oven pot that loosened and put some Locktite blue 242 on the bolt threads where they meet the metal of the pot,so maybe the handle will stay tight longer,I hope,time will tell and it's back in action and full speed ahead on great tasting meals !!!

  • Angela S. - Super Solar Garden Lights! They Are For Beauty As Well As Safety!

    I love these six set of Stainless Steel Garden Lights! They look great in front of my home in the flower beds. These 15 Lumen Lights are bright and clear. These are so very easy to install. I did not wish to pay for extra electricity and there is no need for electricity with these Solar Garden Lights. No new batteries or electrical wires are required. They run completely on Solar energy and have rechargeable batteries. There are a total of six identical Premium LED lights that use solar-powered for energy. They will automatically come on at dark and the next morning they will turn off when the sun is shining. There is no need to turn them on at night and off in the morning as they are automatic. These Stainless Steel Lights are weather resistant for winter, spring, summer, and autumn. SolarGlow has carefully engineered this product to be constructed out of ABS Plastic. This is a quality product that is sealed tight against foul weather. SolarGlow is not only providing beautiful light at night for my flowers and the house. They are also providing safety. This protection will help protect my home and my family. SolarGlow knows this to be such a fine quality product, they have provided a 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. No other Solar Light company does this. Wow! SolarGlow is great! You will love these as much as I do. Buy one set or two sets today!

  • Carla Dworsky James - It's EASY to get out of start

    If you're looking for the game Sorry! That you played as a kid, THIS IS NOT IT! They changed enough rules that this is just a different game. You CAN pass yourself. It's EASY to get out of start. No one can figure out what the rules are for fire and ice. Kids loose interest while the adults are puzzling over the directions.

  • Amazon Customer - I start using it almost 15 days back.. ...

    I start using it almost 15 days back..i feel little growth in my lenghth,,but my hairs are so soft, shiny and silky compare to earlier.