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  • Pinks - Study Guide

    Information was a little helpful but not what I needed donated to library because did not serve me a purpose

  • L. Moniz - Works fine but is tricky to get good results.

    I used this kit to try to join a few finished pieces of oak. The pieces, despite being locked down to my workbench pretty tightly, torqued out of alignment when I tried to screw them together. The jig itself works fine and the drilled holes line up very nicely but something is amiss in the way the screws bite. The included instructions are well done and worth the few minutes needed to review. I'm not sure if there is anything that I can use this for if I cannot get the pieces to join smoothly.

  • Jennifer - Look Great

    I purchased these and when they had arrived, the small drip pans fit perfect, but the large just wouldn't quite push into the stove properly. I e-mailed the company these came from asking for their return policy, so I could ship them back. They promptly responded and asked for the exact stove model and sent me new drip pans for my two large burners right away! I am very pleased with this item and the company behind it.

  • theopa mata - Zeal for LIfe - not for everyone

    I too had heard great things about the product by a good friend who has lost a lot of weight; so i bought the whole kit and caboodle.. after 2 weeks of commited use i started to feel very lathargic, constipated, grumpy, bloated and gassy. i continued to use it through week 3 and still no change.. of course eveyone i talk to has never heard of this happening and all they can talk about is the energy and weight loss.. but none for me.. guess it isn't for everyone..

  • adriana griffin - THE ELIXIR FOR BE YOUNG.

    Well, THIS IS THE TRICK AGAINST AGING. Wow, I can not tell you enough about this, I have been taking it 6 days by now, 3 in the morning and 3 at the afternoon, and I CAN'T BELIEVE THE CHANGES THAT IS DOING IN MY BODY. Day 3, My frown line, dissapeared, really, I used to be playing with my huge hole that i had in my frown line, and that day, I woke up, came to the computer, and when I touched my frown, I jumped in the chair, it wasn't there anymore, you could just feel a little line, I went to the mirror and, here, just the line, not the deep crease. day 4, I made me the test of pinching my right hand, that was the worst, it took like 4 seconds to return to place, day, 5, it returns automatically, is erasing the wrinkles in my hand, My skin is soft, smooth like never before, this day 6th, I went to the mirror and the lines around my mouth are dissapearing, the ones, like ( ), and, I know is TMI, but, even my vaginal dryness disappeared, Then, what else can I tell you? The pain in my body, legs cramp, shoulders pain, groin pain, etc, (I am a 56 years woman), all disappeared. Excuse to tell you, I ALREADY BOUGHT THIS FOR MY FAMILY IN MEXICO, my mom with her pain in her body, my brother, with a huge frown line. Well, this is the antidote to come back to look like 20 years younger. Love it, I am sold and I am going to continue buying it, for life. The size of the pills? who cares? if is giving you your youth back.

  • Chau Nguyen - I'm highly satisfied with my order

    It arrived quickly and swiftly and has all the materials I needed to succeed. I'm highly satisfied with my order