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  • A. Swain - This game is a scam

    I really really really wanted to love this game. I have held healthy addictions to Diablo and Diablo 2 since the beginning, and I had preordered Diablo 3 the moment Amazon had it available. I had extremely high hopes as I grinded my way through each level.. but those high hopes began to diminish as the repetitiveness of playing each act over and over, and then over again became more and more grueling. But finally, I had reached level 60 and I began filling my inventory with rares found in Act 1 of inferno (the highest) difficulty. And then I discovered that I had to play act 1 inferno literally hundreds of times in order to find the items necessary to advance past act 2, and I realized the repetitiveness only gets worse. But I was addicted to the rush you get when you identify a bag full of rares, and that rush you get when a legendary or even set item drops, so I kept playing. For some reason I told myself it would become more fun than addictive, but trust me, that never happens. Blizzard took a page out of Zynga Games' book and focused on getting people hooked on the addictiveness rather than getting them hooked on the fun. And then, of course, Blizzard opens up the real money auction house. And so, people are almost forced to buy and sell items through the RMAH (I myself bought something for $45 like a sucker, because I was so frustrated one day that I wasn't finding anything decent in my many rare runs, even with 190% magic find). And, of course, Blizzard takes 30% of every dollar spent in the RMAH, and so you realize how they are making their money.. not from selling millions of copies of a $50+ game, but from virtual items that don't actually exist.

  • Felemban,Ahmed - TV, Movie, My academic life

    I need to read a lot of articles, but the computer screen is too small. As a result I choice this Tv to read the article on my computer by HDMI cable. the tv is good, and the picture so awesome. I can watch movie with great picture

  • Noinod5 - This works! No more hemorrhoids!

    My husband asked for this for Christmas, and I laughed. I thought he must be kidding, but he wasn't. He has trouble with hemorrhoids, poor guy. Anyways, he has been using it since Christmas, and said to me a couple days ago that it has completely worked. His hemorrhoids, which were chronic, are gone in less than two weeks. Apparently this allows you to 'go' without pushing and straining. It seems (and looks) a little odd, but if it can get rid of hemorrhoids, it's worth it.

  • Annunaki - Autodesk updates for Lion (NO MORE LAG)

    If you're going to use this program with Lion OS X 10.7.2 . You'll have to download the new updates of Sketchbook pro 2011 for Lion at

  • Wayne Fusco - Don't waste your money

    This is a complete waste of money. There are much better products for mock "excavating" than this. Our 5 year old had this excavated and put together in less than 5 minutes. The plastic is such low quality that 1 in 4 of the little pegs that are supposed to go into the skeleton broke off while we were trying to assemble.

  • Amazon Customer - rip off, misleading information...

    I would give this product a zero if I could. It states ok n the package, that no additional ewuipment is required. However, when my boys attempted to play it, now I find out that u need a special ps4 camera, and additional special controllers for each player. This is not what was on the box for the game. False advertisement. In my eyes, no additional equipment required, means you should be able to play the game straight away... I am finding that modern day video game systems are just scams, and rip off scans basically. Just money, money, and more money. So glad I only have one kid left, I don't appreciate the constant digging into my pockets for things concerning these latest video game consoles. The bad part is, I opened the game based on what I was told, only to find out, the information on the cover, was a lie. Shame on PlayStation. I just called gamestop, was told that the camera is 60 dollars, and each controller is 25 dollars. Just to play a game that I paid probably about 20 dollars for. Does that make sense? As I said, just a rip off. Seems that you have to be wealthy, or have donald trump money to own a ps4 or an x box one, I have them both. I won't invest in another modern game console, as long as it is the constant money machine that it has become, thanks to greedy people such as PlayStation and Microsoft coming up with every way imaginable to stay in your purse for more money. Utilizing the perfect weapon, our unsuspecting kids, as well as parents.