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Hepatoma Research - The journal focuses on all topics related to hepatoma.Articles in the following areas are especially welcome: Pathogenesis, clinical examination and diagnosis of hepatoma; Complications of hepatoma, and their preventions and treatments etc.

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  • Kindle Customer - High quality treadmill

    This treadmill is heavy and sturdy but the easy lift mechanism allows me to fold it and roll it with ease. And the same mechanism lowers the treadmill back into position gently. This was very important as I am 62 years old and arthritic--I did not need something I had to wrestle with. I was able to put the treadmill together by myself--easy to follow instructions. I did have some problems with the very small tools provided--not a long enough grip for me to get leverage so I had to improvise.

  • ktmonster - Lots of Dedication

    My entire office did the 30 day cleanse together. I don't think I would have been able to stick with it without the group support. I was about 30 pounds above my ideal weight and lost 15 pounds and 22 inches after 30 days. Honestly, I didn't stick to the diet perfectly (had the occasional glass of wine or vodka and soda), so if I had, I probably would have lost even more. Once you get around the idea that you are not eating food three times per day, it is really easy to follow. It is a lifestyle change to be sure, but is more mental than physical. I don't eat a lot of sugar to begin with, so I didn't have the headache and fatigue some of my co-workers experienced. The cleanse days are quite easy, as they have you eating, drinking, etc. something every hour or so. I didn't eat any of the bars or snacks because I don't like sweets at all. Instead of the bars, I had a hard boiled egg or some celery. That worked fine. We just started a second 30 days to knock off those holiday pounds, this time I only ordered the items I like to use (no bars or snacks, just the shakes and cleanse for life). It is a great program if you are not self-motivated to cut calories (like me) and it is easy to follow and easy to plan meals. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a jump start to help portion control and healthier diet.

  • alex hodgkinson - Worthless

    Horrible, broke after the 3rd use. I'm all of 160 lbs and upon sitting on this thing for the 3rd time a screw popped off the left armrest and I nearly fell to the ground. Don't buy not worth the money.

  • Terri - much better than anticipated

    My daughter has acne prone skin and has for the last several years (she's 15 now). We've tried everything from prescriptions to homeopathic options and nothing really helped. A friend told me about the wonders of Shea Butter and I was skeptical because it contradictory to think that putting something with oils on your face is going to clear it up. She's been using this a week now and last night when we went to a show, I could really see a difference in her skin! Admittedly, I hadn't paid a lot of attention until then - we are usually running around all over and passing each other in Sept/ Oct.

  • Ryan E. Adams - quick and easy install. youtube is a great thing

    quick and easy install. youtube is a great thing, especially when a friend does installs his first, so mine went quick

  • Mike - Just don't ask for help or expect it to work

    The scanning went fine all the way until I ended up with nav.exe causing very high CPU. I followed the links to get Help, which ultimately dumped me in a Forum. I created a message with very detailed information about my problem and the troubleshooting I did along with the results. I waited a week. No response from Norton. I prodded the Forum and got two messages. Both from just people out on the web that happen to monitor this forum (a strange thing to do) and not actual Norton employees. Norton has to this day never respond to the problem.

  • anoneemus - "heavy duty" is possibly misleading

    I bought this to sew some car seat covers. I made the mistake of thinking that "heavy duty" would cut it but sadly it did not. I made mockups of the covers using vinyl instead of leather and this thing went through them without a moments hesitation, even when going over seams with 4 layers of material it kept going without a hiccup. The minute I introduced it to leather, even with a leather needle it packed up. I had a look at it and tried to fix it but to no avail. Not dispirited, I ordered another one from amazon as a replacement and that too packed up as soon as it met leather. It's a great reliable machine and performed flawlessly when sewing vinyl but make sure your interpretation of "heavy duty" are not the same as mine. There's a huge difference between heavy duty and industrial. Sadly this is reflected in the price point...