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  • Yrofthetiger - Very happy

    Someone very misleadingly rated the springs on this trap as weak. Well, I got this thing and the springs have nothing to do with trapping or keeping the squirrel in the cage! The springs are only attached to a hook to keep the top shut. In other words, you can catch a squirrel! And the springs worked fine for me.

  • Sherle Fisher - Caboki Hair Loss Concealer

    My husband purchased this product as he is getting thinner and thinner hair on top and this takes the shine off better than anything else we have tried. He is pleased and uses it sparingly. It looks much more natural if you don't pile it on. Just a light sprinkling, pat it a little and he's ready to go.

  • Frank A. Green - Terrific

    Some twenty or so years ago I used this on a very large table project and could not believe how well it turned out. Even today, lo these many years later, it looks like I did it yesterday.

  • Ms. S - Mixed Results

    The first time I used this creme, it caused all the skin on my face and neck to slough -- an almost instant (and un-requested) exfoliation! Which looked great for maybe the next hour or two, but soon (even with moisturizer applications) left me severely dried out... as if my skin cells had all been stripped of any moisture or nutrients. So, I have to say, as pleasant + smooth as the cream feels to the touch, it's proven itself UNACCEPTABLY HARSH. The results are not always as radical and instantly exfoliating as that first application -- and it did lighten dark spots a bit -- but, always after a couple of hours, it turns insidiously and seriously drying. It's not supposed to be an exfoliant or skin lightener, so who knows what else it's 'accomplishing'... good or bad. (If I could find the darn receipt, I would definitely take it back to Whole Foods for a full refund.)

  • Z. G. - Nice for fine hair

    Really like the way this makes my hair feel. My hair is very fine and this shampoo doesn't weigh it down or make it greasy. Don't care for scent but will use again despite this. Too hard to find a descent shampoo that works on my hair.

  • J. Walker - Awesome at home and near the end

    Ok, so this might be TMI, but given what this product is, I hope that's a given. If these things only leak when they're full like the company website says, then I've "filled them up" in as little as 4 hours with what I would call regular flow. Sorry but whenever I'm at work, these things always leak for me on normal days. Then why five stars? Because they're awesome when I'm home. I've used then for a few months, and only had a leak at home once (huge sneeze on a heavy day). So I don't know if I'm just unlucky at work or what. I have never had one leak over night.