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  • shana - ABSOLUTE LOVE!!

    I love this product!! It taimed my frizz and really moisturized my hair!!! My hair gets extremely dry and I've been searching for the right product to help combat dry hair and this is it!! I am natural now and it's extremely important to find a good moisturizer for my natural curls. I get asked constantly about what products I use and this is a must have!! Check out the youtubes on it they are great!

  • Teacher Dad - made my 3 year old cry

    My girls didn't like the orange vanilla sent. When the soap came into contact with my 3 year old's privates she burst into tears and said it stung. Disappointed because I love the way the pump foams up the soap. This might be a good product for adults or as a hand soap.

  • loveblue - Printmaster version from hell!

    I have Printmaster 18 Platinum on my home computer and LOVE it! Have created amazing projects with this software over the years. Since my current position for my job involves creating flyers, posters, certificates etc., I thought it would be great to also have Printmaster at my workplace. Printmaster is Printmaster, right? I knew I had Printmaster Platinum at home, so ordering Printmaster 2012 Platinum for my work computer sounded like a good thing. WRONG! This version of Printmaster is literally like descending into Printmaster hell. Even having considerable Printmaster experience, it's EXTREMELY user-unfriendly. And, GOOD LUCK if you want to create a project from scratch. I ended up having to work on my work projects at home and thought just saving the files on a flash drive so I could pull them up at work would do the trick. WRONG again! Even though it's still Printmaster Platinum, I guess because it's a different VERSION of Printmaster Platinum, I can't pull up the projects I created at home on my work computer. So now I'm going to have to use this software from hell on future projects. The PM version I have is relatively cheap now (from 4 years ago), so it would be no problem to buy that version, but getting clearance for the installation through the IT department at my work doesn't come easily, not to mention that Broderbund seems to discourage the use of Printmaster at work.

  • Amy Bosica - I easily devoured this book in one sitting

    Marriage Games….I don’t even know where to start. This is my first book by this author and I have to say, I have totally been missing out. This book is addictive, seductive, and sexy as h**l. It is unlike any book I’ve read.

  • CALEX - Norton Product

    I give 5 stars because the Norton product is great. I'm only reviewing to give a correct answer in case anyone has my same question. I wanted to make sure that this product could be used on Kindle Fire, Nook, and android phones. I was told yes. I was not able to download to those devices. Instead, I had to download apps to these devices. I would have still bought this product because of the great price for 5 licenses since I do intend to buy another computer. Just wanted to let others know that Norton won't recognize those devices and there are free Norton apps and other free service apps out there. Hope this fully answers questions others may have.

  • David J - Allergic Reaction

    I took one pill before bed and I woke up in the middle of the night my throat swollen shut. Had to take a allergy pill immediately. I cannot recommend this product. It is potentially dangerous and should be pulled.

  • Lore - Worth It

    Are they a cure all? Nope. Do they live up to all the hype on their website? Nope. BUT - do they help? Yes. ESPECIALLY with abdominal pain. A few times I thought they may not be doing anything, and so stopped taking them, but it wasn't long before the abdominal pain was back with a vengeance. I do take these and Phillips Colon Health - this was after trying many different kinds - including Enzamatic Therapy pearls, Target's "compare to Align we're even better!" brand, Nature Made acidophilus, Natrol, etc. Using Align & PCH seems to work the best for me - everybody is so different, tho. I think the price is outrageous (not just at Amazon, just in general...) but I am willing to pay it to keep some of the pain of having IBS at bay!