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Holistically Whole | Happier, Healthier Living - Open your heart, mind and life to nontoxic products, natural remedies, grain-free nutrition, essential oils, and healing the symptoms known as autism.

  • About Me | Holistically Whole - I am passionate about clean and healthy living – organic food, essential oils, nontoxic products. But, I haven’t always been that way. So what changed?
  • Blog | Holistically Whole - The healthy living lowdown including nutritious grain-free recipes, essential oil info, nontoxic tips & tricks, crazy autism stories, and tidings of joy.
  • Nutrition | Holistically Whole - In researching nutrition I learned how food can affect the brain and immune system and that the right diet can promote health and healing.
  • Autism | Holistically Whole - My journey toward health and wellness began with my son's autism. Share our autism experiences - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Essential Oils | Holistically Whole - Essential oils are so effective and versatile they've replaced most of the items in my medicine cabinet, as well as lots of my cleaning and beauty products.

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  • C0URT - Smells great, feels great.

    They sell this at my tanning salon for more than double the price on here. It's a great accelerator and feels nice and smooth on and has a really pretty sent. I usually use 2-3 lotions at a time switching it up from bronzer accelerator and light tingle and this is a great lotion!

  • Abstract Cool Shopper - Gorilla Glue works great

    I want change my rating of Gorilla Glue because of my ignorance for not understanding the use of this product. It's not what I expected, it seems to never really dry until it expands and bubbles up the next day. Please don't over use because it's expands all over the place. Looks like dried Coke bubbles, lol. If you use this product make sure you wear gloves, if it gets on your hands it's takes a while to remove. I use dish washing liquid to get it removed. It took more than just one wash, several washes to remove the stickiness off your fingers or hand. Trust me, am talking from experience.

  • kristine - worked for me!

    idk how this works for everybody but if im going to workout in the afternoon i have to take two, 3hours before and on an empty stomach. so its basically the first thing i consume when i wake up. and for some reason on days when i take the pills im always soooo hungry by lunch! which i guess is because it gives me more energy and i burn calories like crazy