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  • Kevin - Worth the money.

    These shoes were the first cycling shoes I have purchased so I have nothing to compare them to but I am very happy with them so far. They fit my huge 14 size feet very well and are very breathable. I just ride casually maybe 80 miles in a good week but these shoes appear to be more then enough for that. The shipping was very quick as well.

  • I. Fuhrmann - I like the Lift Away feature to vacuum my stairs

    This is the second Shark Navigator Lift Away I've purchased. This one was a gift for my daughter. It's light weight, has incredible suction, and is quiet. I like the Lift Away feature to vacuum my stairs. I also own a Dyson which cost 3xxx what this Shark does, and the Shark is far superior to the Dyson. I highly recommend this Shark to anyone looking for an affordable machine that has excellent performance.

  • Hyla Waldron - Great. At first

    At first I thought this was the most wonderful vacuum I'd ever purchased. Now Im not so sure, I think I spend more time taking it apart (which is fairly simple) to unclog it then I do vacuuming.

  • Chester Nichols - Good for Voice

    Got my singing vice back. Didn't help my libido. Liked the small size. Would recommend for older men with a squeeky voice.

  • Eldonsdad - Fit good and did the job but good luck if you have to take it out for any reason.

    Used this to put a single din radio/navigation/bluetooth device into my 2001 F250. Kit fit fine and I was really happy until I went to add another external device and had to pull it out. The bottom two tabs holding it in just broke off. Luckily the upper ones were fine so for now it is holding. Hopefully I won't have to pull it out again.

  • Omar Siadi - Leaking Cups

    My own cups leak even after twisting the cups so tight.The juice leaks and drains into the motor. And there is no way to open the motor to clean it up. So now it smells like rotten fruits. it is supposed to have a rubber seal to prevent leaks, Is there anything I am doing wrong? I will return it for a refund.

  • Quinn - HORRIBLE

    Smells like orange peels that have been sitting in a garbage disposal for a week. My twin boys said it stinks. This soap *barely* lathers and doesn't make one feel very "clean" afterwards. I purchased this soap based on how good of reviews it received. It's junk. Make your purchase of a different organic product. I promise it'll be better than this junk.