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  • K. Conroy - Pricey but worth it

    My newborn did not like the traditional swing. My nanny had suggested i get a mamaroo. I had never heard of it. It totally mimics the mothers movements that you do to calm a crying baby. There are 5 different settings and if one doesn't calm her, i try another one. There is one on it that aways works. It is a bit pricey but worth every penny. My newborn loves it.

  • erica - Smells nice

    This shampoo smells very nice. It did a good job cleaning my hair but left it feeling a little dry on the ends and greasy at the roots. I do have very hard water and this is sometimes to blame but this shampoo didn't preform as well as others I have tried. I do not believe I will be buying more because for it is didn't work as well as I had liked.

  • Amazon Customer - DON'T BUY if you want it to work for more than a month

    This Chromebook is an awesome product. But. Just two months after getting it, it stopped working. The screen has an annoying series of yellow-red splotches on it that have morphed around the edge of the screen. I am extremely disappointed that I am not able to return or replace this product since it is more than one month after purchase. I expected more of Toshiba and this computer than the malfunctioning screen that I received. Other than that unavoidably annoying element, the computer is very good. DO NOT purchase this product, though, if you are looking for something that won't become relatively unusable a month after the return window closes.

  • Robert Elmasian - Much Cheaper but Same Compound

    Mean Green Hand Scrub is essential the same as Zanfel but is much cheaper. Currently, one can purchase a 60 ounce tub from the meangreen biz website for $20 plus shipping. According to the meangreen us website, the inventor of Zanfel was one of their salesmen who noticed a palliative effect on poison ivy/oak/sumac contact skin dermatitis; see "Relief from Poison Oak and Poison Ivy" under the main page's Resource Center tab.