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Heroes and Halos - The Heros & Halos Safety Day is an event designed for children with special needs. The intent of this event is to educate the children on all aspect of

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  • Sergioh. - Good buy

    It doesn't have the quality of an original, but it works fine that's what counts the two halves don't close all the way.

  • Nagquita Winfield - Jackpot

    My 6 year old daughter gets bored rather quickly but this toy has kept her entertained. She received this as a Christmas toy. She is usually rough with her toys but we have not had a moments to test the durability yet because she actually is careful with it. That is why I rated 4 for durability. It took a very long time to get setup so that can be a problem if you have an impatient child waiting to start playing. My main complaint is battery life. I wish this toy had a battery that can be charged. She loves using the video camera and the batteries are being replaced every other day. I know we could get the adapter but that defeats the purpose of a portable toy and it would make it very difficult to make a video. I love that the stylus is connected to the device with sting and I love that it came with an extra one just in case.

  • Andre Glenn - Next best thing to regular Hide Glue

    Its great that Titebond came up with this version of Hide Glue. Not having to deal with a glue pot is great. The glue bonds perfectly. Its light amber in color when it dries (i.e. you shouldn't be under the impression that it dries translucent). I haven't tried breaking a bond that I've created with this, so I can't comment on the ease or lack thereof in doing so. It gives you a fairly long time to work with your pieces before it sets. Which is definitely a plus.

  • MNtea - Wonderful car

    Our 2016 PriusTouring 4 is wonderful. If you tried an older model Prius and gave up, try again. It's changed. I'd rented a Prius for 2 weeks about 5-6 years ago and that experience unsatisfactory. Glad I tried again. The safety features, blind spot, rear-cross traffic, forward collision prevention, are terrific. The front seat is super comfortable and driver automatic seat controls are excellent--intuitive. Like the design of the audio controls very much--not distracting like on older Prius. Storage space meets our needs fine--hatchback handy. Enjoy the surprising sports car drive and, especially with the classy looking protection package, people mistake it for a sports car. At about 3,000 miles we have gotten 63mpg. Very happy with Prius.