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Hepatitis SA | Leading the community response to viral hepatitis - Hepatitis SA is a non-profit, community-based organisation that provides information and support to South Australians affected by hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 151.2002 New South Wales, Australia

  • FrankJP - Works perfectly on our 2013 Explorer

    We bought this for our 2013 Explorer Sport, the OEM antenna was just long enough to scrape the garage door in our new home. This antenna went on quickly, easily and there is absolutely no difference in sound quality. It sure is nice to be able to park in the garage in these subzero temps!

  • Ashley - Excellent temperature regulation

    The first week I had my new Purple, I have to admit, I hated it. I was sick with the flu and just couldn't get comfortable. After sleeping in a very worn out 16 yr old mattress, my body did not appreciate change, and of course, the fatigue from the flu didn't help. After I was better, and another week past, I found I was sleeping much better. The back pain stopped and I actually felt rested in the morning! I find that it's not comfortable sleeping on my back, because of my high arch, but sleeping on my side is actually super comfortable. I was always a back sleeper, now I'm more of a side sleeper. It cradles my body so well while on my side.

  • CarolB - Questionable.

    On my second bottle but don't notice much difference. Will try one more bottle, then give up on it. I want to actually see some little hairs coming up or no dice.

  • Alex Czentye - Garbage! I don't get any signal whatsoever

    Garbage! I don't get any signal whatsoever, right next to an antenna that I do get signal for. Shouldn't have expected much from a cheap piece of plastic garbage. Spend a little more money and buy something that works.

  • L. Gault - underachiever

    My son is a brilliant underachiever in HS. Up Your Score ACT was suggested to him by his guidance counselor...about the best thing he recommended this summer. My sometimes-bored, always perceptive kid showed me this underground guide with the remark, "These guys--Arp, Chen, Fish and Swafford--really know what they're talking about and I think this will help boost my College prep score." I second my son's opinion, this is about the best test prep book I've seen and I know part of my son's success will be determined by how much he likes the book and how much of it he will take with him into the ACT test.

  • Sheridan - Worth a Try for the Price

    I like that it shows your body in the game so you can compare your posture easier. The programs are pretty short though so won't be as useful of you are looking for long workouts. You would have to do a variety of programs for an hour workout session.