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Hepatitis Home Page - Hepatitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the liver. This channel on the eMedTV Web site contains a wealth of information on the various types of hepatitis, how they are transmitted, treatment options, and more.

  • eMedTV Hepatitis Videos - eMedTV Hepatitis Videos. eMedTV Hepatitis videos cover a wide range of topics, including: How Does Hepatitis C Affect The Liver?, Liver Biopsy, and Hepatitis C Tests.
  • Hepatitis A - Hepatitis A is a liver disease caused by a virus. This segment of the eMedTV archives takes an in-depth look at the condition, including transmission methods, the contagious period, possible symptoms, treatment options, and more.
  • Early Symptoms of Hep C - The majority of people with hepatitis C do not have early symptoms. As explained in this eMedTV segment, for those people who do have early signs and symptoms of hep C, they may include things such as fatigue, nausea, jaundice, and fever.
  • Hepatitis B Diet - It is important that people with hepatitis B eat healthy foods and not become overweight. This eMedTV Web page outlines other elements of a hepatitis B diet, including considerations for those taking hepatitis B medicines and those with cirrhosis.
  • Viral Hepatitis Prevention - As this eMedTV page explains, viral hepatitis prevention methods include practicing safe sex, not taking IV drugs, and avoiding other high-risk situations. Links to information on preventing specific types of viral hepatitis are also included.
  • Effect of Hepatitis A Vaccination on Pregnancy - The effect of hepatitis A vaccination on pregnancy is not known; however, as this eMedTV page points out, pregnant women concerned about effects of the vaccine should discuss the risk of vaccination against the risk of infection with their doctor.
  • Viral Hepatitis Transmission - Viral hepatitis transmission can occur in several ways, as this eMedTV article explains, such as through infected bodily fluids. In addition, some types are more easily spread through certain means than others, which this article also explains.
  • Hepatitis A Virus - The hepatitis A virus is an RNA virus that causes hepatitis A in humans. As this eMedTV page explains, the virus is often transmitted through a
  • Hepatitis B - Hepatitis B is a liver disease that is caused by a virus. This portion of the eMedTV library takes a closer look at this form of hepatitis, including how it is spread, possible symptoms, treatment options, and more.
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine - Getting the hepatitis B vaccine is the best way to prevent the disease. This eMedTV Web page explains who should and shouldn't get the vaccine, as well as the typical vaccination schedule for adults and children.
  • Hepatitis B Virus - As the name implies, the hepatitis B virus is the organism responsible for hepatitis B. This page on the eMedTV Web site provides additional information about this virus, including how it is spread and its possible symptoms and complications.
  • Hepatitis D - Hepatitis D is a disease of the liver that can cause joint pain, dark urine, nausea, and other symptoms. This eMedTV page gives an overview of this disease, noting how it's spread and how it can be treated.
  • Hepatitis E - Hepatitis E, a liver disease most often seen in young-to-middle-aged adults, can cause diarrhea and nausea. This eMedTV page lists other possible symptoms (like fatigue), and also covers the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of this disease.
  • Autoimmune Hepatitis - In a person who has autoimmune hepatitis, the body's immune system attacks liver cells. This part of the eMedTV archives provides information on who this disease affects, its common symptoms, and how it may be diagnosed and treated.
  • Viral Hepatitis - Viral hepatitis is liver inflammation caused by a virus. This eMedTV article takes an in-depth look at the various forms of hepatitis -- hepatitis A, B, C, D, and others -- including information on treatment, prevention, diagnosis, and more.
  • Hepatitis A Symptoms - Typical hepatitis A symptoms include jaundice, lack of appetite, and fever, but not everyone has them. This eMedTV page lists more signs and symptoms of hepatitis A and explains factors that affect whether symptoms appear.
  • Hepatitis B Symptoms - Joint pain, fatigue, and a sore throat are a few hepatitis B symptoms that can occur early in the disease. This eMedTV Web page also explores symptoms of chronic hepatitis B (such as itchy skin and personality changes).
  • Telaprevir - Available by prescription only, telaprevir is used to treat chronic hepatitis C infections. This eMedTV article explains how this medicine works to prevent the virus from multiplying, offers general dosing information, and lists potential side effects.

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  • Misty Dyer - Advocare Thumbs Down

    Way to expensive. My husbasnd and I thought we would try it because we heard nothing but positive. It was the wrong thing to do. We completed the cleanse phase and three days into the second phase with the MNS3 my husband now has a bad rash and it makes me light headed. The Spark gives me terrible headaches. Plan old diet and exercise is the best way to get healthy. We regret spending the money.

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