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Healthy Food Forever | Health is our wealth! - Ear infections are most commonly a result of bacteria and viruses in the middle ear. These infections happen to children more often. The symptoms, in this

  • Healthy Food Forever | Health is our wealth! - Many of us have noticed that yellowish-white chunks from the back of the throat that smells awful. These chunks are signals of poor health. They are called
  • Scientists Find Root That Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells | Healthy Food Forever - Since ancient times, the amazing health benefits and medicinal properties of dandelion have been valued and used. Apparently, this root has even more potent
  • The Hands Of This 46-Year-Old Looked Like She Had 70 But When Her Friend Told Her This Secret Recipe, She Couldn’t Recognize Her Hands! | Healthy Food Forever - We use our hands every day and experts say that they show the first signs of aging. Why is it so? Because the skin on the hands is very thin and sensitive.
  • The Secret Things, No One Ever Tells You About Menopause! | Healthy Food Forever - The absence of a menstrual period for at least one year is an indicator that a woman is transitioning from a reproductive to a non-reproductive phase in life.
  • Doctors Are Amazed! This Recipe Renews the Knees and Joints! | Healthy Food Forever - Specialists guarantee that the shameful body stance is the real reason for issues and agony in the joints, legs, and back. Such issues may bring about much more

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  • mary - alright, not too bad

    I like the app somewhat but I would really like to get the premium version but it's $5 so I wish it was cheaper. I feel like it should have more than one adhan option but I can't find any good apps for adhan so I would say this isn't too bad.

  • Julie.m.t - Weeee!

    I'm a stepmom to two young teen girls. This is like.. quite the workout for me (super fun, cause i'm really into the music types), and the girls like to show off their skills and compete against each other. The only thing i'd say is that make sure you have tons of room, because a lot of the dances are arm movement heavy (being for the wii especially) and you might sock one another in the face or side by accident.

  • Ratoney - Solid Bike for the money

    First, let me say I'm no professional cyclist but just a guy who was looking for a decent road bike on a budget.

  • Richard A. Root - Frankly, Not Worth It

    A very strange book. The author has previously written another music biography that I really enjoyed, Catch A Wave about Brian Wilson. That biography also concerned a music legend that Mr. Carlin was not able to interview for his book. However, he produced a very positive book about Mr. Wilson. In Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon, he begins the book as he continued throughout the book, with an apparent chip on his shoulder against the subject. Strangely, while he portrays Simon as an arrogant, almost hateful man, the story contains numerous times when he is shown to be a very giving person. According to the information provided by Mr. Carlin, Simon often pays far above the going rate for his supporting musicians, and does give them credit for the music and ideas that they provide. Yes, he has had an on again, off again argument with his partner Art Garfunkel. However, Mr. Carlin's own words show that at least half of the problem lies with Garfunkel. And, although Carlin seems reluctant to admit it, Simon's solo career is every bit as brilliant as his work with Garfunkel was. Does Paul Simon want to cover-up his early Tom and Jerry days? Probably so, but what artist who has later blossomed doesn't want to ignore his early attempts? This does not make Paul Simon a bad person. Obviously, I was greatly disappointed in this book. Unlike Catch A Wave, it was not worth the time or money that I spent on it.