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Healthy Feet NY - Foot Ankle Doctor, New York, Dr. Johanna Youner - Podiatrist Dr. Johanna Youner located in New York, can help with all your foot and ankle problems

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  • JayJang - At least this book was helpful to me

    Since this is my very first SAT test prep, I can't compare this book to other test preps in the market... My score used to be hovering around 1500, and after using this book for few months, my blue book test prep score soared to 2050. and I gave it 4 stars just for the fact that other books should do the similar job - since I studied hard. This book covers pretty much the entire materials that you need to know for the SAT 1, and rather just solving questions in the book, by understanding and learning specified strategies that fit to each question type, I was able to maximize my SAT score. If I had studied every single material in this book, I think I could've increased my SAT score up to 'stable' 2100. Overall, this book was really helpful to me.

  • Paul - Even the toughest hairs fall to this thing!

    It works like a charm.. no irritation, feels clean right after.. soap or body wash can be applied right after...even in the crotch area it works like a charm! just a little (not too much) smelly but compared with what I've used before it's an extremely minor downside... would definitely recommend.