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  • Poo transplants and probiotics - does anything work to improve the health of our gut? • Health Times - Andrew Holmes, University of Sydney; Laurence Macia, University of Sydney, and Stephen J Simpson, University of SydneyOur gut does more than help us diges
  • Amputation rates due to diabetes • Health Times - The rate of amputations as a result of diabetes is dramatically different depending on where you live in Australia, according to new data.People in region

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -118.3928 California, United States

  • ECS66 - Cannot be used on all fabric

    I ordered three cans in order to treat cushions we were having re-covered. With seven cats in the house, it's important to be able to easily remove cat hair and an occasional hairball. The instructions on the can strongly suggest doing a colorfast test on a hidden area of the material. Unfortunately, all of our fabric failed the colorfast test so we've not been able to use the product, (although I expect it's fine with compatible material). Just be aware that it can't be used on everything. I've heard it's great on canvas shoes, so I'll be giving that a try.

  • MNIAMO - A great warm weather rain jacket.

    Arrived today. First impressions: awesome wind/rain jacket. It's very thin, so it won't provide any insulation in cold climates, but water drops slide right off it. Size wise, I was concerned about the varying reviews about it not fitting correctly... however, I purchased a large, and it fits perfectly... (I'm 6'2, 200lbs)

  • markus sroczynski - Facials are fun and easy to use! Great results.

    These facials are so moisturizing and really tighten my skin to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! I use them before going out, just 45min and they work great! I really love the smell too because the are all natural, Non-GMO, botanically infused! I get mine fresh and straight from the source at so I know they are not expired or knock offs. has excellent products and customer service and satisfaction. I believe they are even cheaper if you do the 90 day challenge 💚

  • Weijun - expire soon

    The item was shipped on June 3rd, 2013. I found that it will expire on Aug 1st, 2013. Only two month!

  • Lisa - works excellent unless you are in a home garage.

    This work as claimed, anywhere I have traveled, but it doesn't pick up any signal when entering my house's garage. It also flakes out a bit going under larger overpasses. I don't really blame that to much on the product. It most likely is a line of site thing, where cement, steel and wood are not penetrated by the satellite waves. Its great for AM/FM and causes no issues at car washes or when using a roof rack.

  • John T. Kesil - Seiki

    i was watching a old 60" and it finally shot out so although skeptical like everybody i'm sure was cause of the off brand. i got it for 800 the old TV was standard most likely but to me good picture. but watching the new one after tweaking it like color, contrast etc. my standard cause i do not have HD is great even in standard HD is probably unreal. i have a 32 inch in my room and i thought the picture was great this blew it away. the thing i noticed the further away the better my living room is not huge like 12x12 or something. i'm sure there is better out there no doubt but for the money mega deal. a bunch of TV is watched here so i'll come back down the road. the negative review is bull my father and i carried it in and he is 78 come on.