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NEXAVAR (sorafenib) | Official Site for Health Care Professionals - Access key resources for NEXAVAR (sorafenib), including clinical trials data, safety profiles, and information on dosing and usage.

  • How to Get NEXAVAR (sorafenib) - Learn the 3 ways to access therapy with NEXAVAR (sorafenib) and support for patients.
  • REACH | Patient Support Program | NEXAVAR (sorafenib) - Learn about REACH, a program providing support and information on financial assistance to patients prescribed NEXAVAR (sorafenib).
  • Financial Assistance | NEXAVAR (sorafenib) - Find out if your NEXAVAR (sorafenib) commercial patients are eligible for the $0 Co-Pay program.
  • Specialty Pharmacy Providers | NEXAVAR (sorafenib) - Find out how NEXAVAR (sorafenib) is available through a network of specialty pharmacy providers (SPPs).
  • HCP Resources | NEXAVAR (sorafenib) - Review the downloadable resources currently available for NEXAVAR (sorafenib).

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