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  • Caleb Bailey - Great products wish it was thicker.

    This product has the same ingredients as some of the expensive acne treatment products but at a much lower price. I don't have much acne but I used to use a $60 prescription gel to maintain a clear complexion and this produce works just as well. The only thing I don't care for with this product is that the product is a water like liquid and I would prefer something a little thicker but other than that it's a great product for me to maintain a clear complexion.

  • Thinking_Mom - Terrible, Disappointing, Confusing. I don't think I am receiving the content it claimed to offer.

    Disappointed. It is also very confusing about whether I am getting the content that was advertised. It doesn't feel like it. I bought this because I thought the "Gold Edition" meant that I did NOT have to pay a monthly subscription fee for the extended library. Wrong. It gave a 2 or 3 month subscription for free. The cover advertises 150 songs but I don't think I am really getting access to them? It is VERY confusing as is the menu and interface. Plus, even if you do purchase a subscription it links to ONE GAMERTAG, Unlike other DLC's and expanded content which I purchase on my Xbox One and my kids can use on the same Xbox using their own gamertags/accounts, they can only access the subscription content if they are using MY GAMERTAG only. They cannot build up their own gamertag's points and credits and instead have to share mine. This doesn't happen with ANY other game I have seen! I also cannot play using my gamertag on another Xbox while they are dancing.

  • Jennifer Barnhill - I really love the pans so far

    I really love the pans so far, very easy to clean. HOWEVER, my biggest pot had a huge dent in the metal rim of the lid right out of the box. I would return or exchange it, but there was already a delay in shipping the first time and reboxing it would be a nightmare. Really disappointed because the dent prevents the lid from closing properly, and other than that the set is a steal for the money, making this flaw even more of a bummer.

  • A. Abbott - Great idea, but not very entertaining.

    This documentary has a great premise and a few neat scenes, but over all it falls short. The group of friends are having a great time together, but their dynamics do not really suck in the viewer.

  • Joanna Haggard - the sprayer is virtually useless. I finally put the liquid in another sprayer ...

    It seems to have worked well - and for that I am grateful. However, the sprayer is virtually useless. I finally put the liquid in another sprayer so that I could finish spraying. I would buy it again!

  • Nicole Moroz - Do not buy!! Scam!!

    I was a brief distributor for this company. I will never go back. Ever! What they don't openly tell people is that their supplements are made for a 150lb person. If you weight more, you need to take more. This suppliment did nothing for me except make me nauseous and have heartburn. Huge waste of money. You're better off with a gym membership rather than this overpriced pill. I tried several of their products. The greens were amazing! Everything else is a waste of money and they rope you in for 3 months as a loyal customer and you are obligated to continue buying from them. GNC people 😊