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  • Darrick - It handles like a sports car

    It handles like a sports car, but not as fast. It has a very smooth and quite ride considering it sits low to the ground on 15" tires. But, most importantly I'm averaging 70 miles per gallon. Yes, this is no typing error...70 miles per gallon. I fill my tank up once a week when my car hits a half tank. Because of the 11 gallon tank it only takes about $12 -$14 dollars per week, or less than $60 a month. I stand 5'11" tall and I have plenty of room to stretch out my legs and the back seats have just as much room. This is the perfect car for people, like me, who commute 40 -50 miles per day. The Prius Two Eco.

  • Che Poltle - 5870 drivers will not load on Windows 8

    Thanks to all the other reviewers & their tips. I use this printer on a Windows 7 machine using USB001 port with FileMaker Pro - no issues. I have a newer model Toshiba laptop I use on remote locations that came with Windows 8 installed. The POS 5870 Drivers will not work with Windows 8. I contacted Toshiba Tech Support & confirmed that the driver will not load even in Windows 7 compatibility mode. Any insights would be helpful.

  • Fred B - dreadful

    Sadly this is DREADFUL - at least the word program is. It freezes if you want to do ANYTHING - if you want to zoom text, do anything at all!!!! am about to uninstall and reinstall the earlier version (I hope I still can!)

  • Frank MacIntosh - peachtree pro

    Cheap enough, but didn't realize you can't install an Pro over Complete. Sorry to say I bit the bullet on this one.

  • Stephanie - and can say now that I LOVE THIS PRINTER

    I received this printer from Epson in exchange for an impartial review, and can say now that I LOVE THIS PRINTER! Set up was easy with no problems. I was not sure about having to fill the ink tanks myself, but I had no problem keeping the ink in the tanks where it belonged and off my desk and hands. thank goodness cause I did not have the rubber gloves it suggests. I do suggest that while the ink is charging, use the 20 minutes to install the software on your computer and be ready to go.