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  • Alla - The difference between the newer versions is the lack of the bluetooth capabilites (which is fine with us) and the fabric is lik

    Thank you, 4Moms! We were able to have dinner tonight as a family without taking turns to hold the baby, who was enjoying his Mamaroo! We purchased the classic grey discontinued version. It works well. The difference between the newer versions is the lack of the bluetooth capabilites (which is fine with us) and the fabric is like on a backpack instead of plush. I am willing to live with these differences given the price differential. Great product, works well, soothes a crying baby well.

  • Steven Boren - It is quite funny to me

    It is quite funny to me that there are two kinds of reviews on here about this product. 1) The REAL reviews with 1-2 stars that show that this product is ineffective and 2) The reviews from the "distributors" trying to boost the ratings of this product. It is a HUGE red flag when there are nearly as many 5 stars as there are 1 stars, and very little in between. I have never used this product, but I know several people who use/sale it. It is a HOAX. The sales representative takes these "before/after" pictures that show remarkable results in just a few weeks. It is a JOKE. Any person with 2 eyes can see that the lighting, camera angle, and head angle are significantly different in the "after" picture in order to show "improvements" in skin condition. I have years of education behind me. I have attempted to research the claims of these products on "Peer reviewed journal articles" from a University's database and there is NO research about this product. The only research is given by NERIUM INT. and it is clearly inaccurate. The only info that comes when I attempt to search for it is "Nerium oleander". The Journal articles are mainly on how to treat POISONINGS from this plant! This product is a fraud. This is nothing but a PYRAMID SCHEME people!! A few individuals at the top are making A LOT OF MONEY while their "minions" build "teams". If this product was truly as magnificent as it claims to be it would be available in stores. Save your money and your intelligence and stay away from this product and all affiliations.


    I am thinking all the positive reviews were from one of those outfits that get paid to leave positive reviews for products. I purchased this to be an extender and it arrived today. About 50 feet from the wireless, 1 wall in-between, and it could not connect or maintain the connection. I guess that was a $99 lesson I learned, I just do not want you to have to pay for the education.

  • Mary Klein - Extremely off on sizes. XXL is really about a 0 in juniors.

    I had originally requested a refund for this jacket because the sizing is extremely off. However, my daughter picked it up and tried it on and it fits her perfectly. I ordered the largest size available, which was XXL. That is the size I wear. My daughter is eleven and it fits her perfectly. She wears between a zero and three in juniors. That is quite the size gap.

  • C&S - Believe Jennifer Aniston!!

    I just turned 47 and have been battling age spots on my cheeks for years. I went to a dermatologist a year and a half ago and was prescribed a product that tightened my skin but did nothing for the age spots which are what really make my skin look old. I saw Jennifer Aniston on an Aveeno commercial three weeks ago where she promised that this product would help with age spots and I thought 'Jennifer wouldn't lie' would she? I purchased a bottle that day and I have been using it each morning for three weeks with amazing results! The age spots on my cheeks have considerably faded and the tone and texture of my skin is more even and glowing. To be fair, I also purchased Equate Beauty Exfoliating Wet Cleansing Towelettes at the same time and use this product nightly to remove my makeup so the combination of both products may be working faster than just the Aveeno alone. I'm looking forward to seeing what my skin will look like in another three weeks. Thank you Aveeno and Jennifer!

  • C. S. Murphy - ... in security system monitoring with all wireless sensors and easy do it yourself installation

    With SinpliSafe’s $15 per month cellular call in security system monitoring with all wireless sensors and easy do it yourself installation, nobody can afford not to have a monitored security system anymore.

  • Amazon Customer - Beyond Frustrated

    I prepped everything exactly according to instructions, let it set for more than two weeks while I finished building and installing a new vanity, and then the first time my daughter showered she dropped a plastic shampoo bottle, and the finish chipped. I expected this product to give me at least a couple of years, and am especially frustrated that a soft, plastic item was its demise.