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Country:, Asia, TR

City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • Brett - His best song.

    In My opinion his best song ever. The rest of the album is also good but some songs are not my cup of tea.

  • Lauren - Smells exactly like tea tree oil.

    I probably should have read some reviews before I bought this. I've been using oils for awhile now, but this is my first experience with frankincense... Or is it? I received this product today and was happy with the packaging and the dropper that was included. When I took the cap off and smelled the oil I was disappointed to find that it smells almost exactly like the bottle of tea tree oil that resides in my medicine cabinet. I was expecting something more exotic, I guess. After reading through the reviews I see that I'm not the only one disappointed by the scent and possibly the integrity of this oil. What did I just buy? I did make a roll-on using this stuff fractionated coconut oil as a carrier. I applied it to the arches of my feet and the aching I'd been feeling from yesterday's workout faded almost immediately. So is it actually frankincense? I don't know, but I'm not afraid to use it on my feet.

  • Tommy - Dont waste your money

    There is a simple cheap solution in your kitchen which cures your fungus within a couple of weeks. I had this problem and tried these over the counter products to no avail. I did some research and found the main ingredient was "vinegar" used what I had available in the kitchen and steeped my finger nail for 2 weeks. Bingo! gone and never returned.

  • Lena - At last !!!!!!

    I Have searched for products to use on my face for most of my life with difficulty due to so much sensitivity. As a blue eyed freckle face redhead that several dermatologists have warned me that I have the thinnest skin possible. So I tried this product with hope for one that will work for me as I live in a northern climate with heat on for about eight to nine months. I did get a discount on this to try it but was searching anyway. I can say that I would recommend to my twin sister if I had one! I like that you cannot pollute the jar by opening it instead pressing the plunger to release a small amount. I love the way my skin feels - this is what I was looking for and I am grateful for it !!!! I give it a 10 out of 10

  • dr r j turner - What a time waste.

    With every version of netobjects it gets more and more unstable. There's no backup of course or real support.