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  • Ms. James - For the correct use.

    Better for spot reduction. As a matter of a fact, it is WONDERFUL for spot reduction. If you put it on and allow it time to dry, it will reduce the pimple GREATLY. It is worth the money, but don't expect it to stop your acne.

  • D Hallman - very helpful

    I do recommend getting the hardback. I loved having the kindle edition, but when I got to Europe, you do not want take your valuables out and around. Book was great, very helpful. I do wish it appealed a little more to people on a very tight budget. Overall really useful.

  • R. Lukes - This truly sealed my oil leak in 24 hours

    Works great, just as described. It stopped my leak within 24 hours. I suspect that those who say that it does not work waited too long to try it. In my case my leak was around 6 or 8 drops on my garage floor a day for several months before I used it. If you are leaking a quart of oil a month then who knows but you may be too late for it. No damage to the engine as the cars runs as well as ever.

  • Sonia Ortiz - Adequate Virus Protection, But...

    Here's the thing. Norton works fine for what it is, a very basic $20 anti-virus solution. For most web users it's fine as long as you're not going into any of the nasty dirty areas of the interwebs. But Norton is SELFISH. I also have a Malware filter on my PC to get rid of the stuff that Norton misses -- because it does miss stuff now and then -- and Norton actually wanted me to remove my Malware protection. I don't think so. Good for basic protection, but nothing special.

  • Honest Reviewer - Good value for solar powered lights

    Great outdoor solar powered garden lights for around the house. Be careful when installing these. Remember to pull off the protective film from the top to ensure proper charging. They're not going to light up like a 60 watt bulb, especially if you keep them in the shade, so have your expectations set correctly when ordering solar lights. If you are placing these into firm ground then please soften the ground with water first or just push the stick into the ground without the top light for fear of cracking these. They're well constructed but anything can be damaged with enough force.

  • Christopher Schwinger - A more psychologically developed superhero than usual; excellent pitched battles; rewarding production quality and values

    This year of 2014, there have been two Hercules movies. The first, The Legend of Hercules, was decent, though it offered nothing unique. This one starring Dwayne Johnson has more development of the theme of courage and more unexpected plot twists. I approach most movies without a lot of expectations, knowing I’ll find a movie somewhat rewarding if the values, writing, and editing are good. This one gave me more enjoyment than I expected. Hercules is the natural choice for an ancient superhero. When you add themes of justice and the rights of the people and make that Hercules’ cause to fight for, he becomes as relatable as Superman, Batman, or Spiderman. One of the strengths of this superhero movie is that it’s not primarily about supernatural powers but about the meaning of courage. Hercules does have superhuman strength in this, but his victory always depends on triumphing over internal struggles first. His powers don’t come very naturally, so he’s easier to relate to. Hercules in this movie is more like John Henry, the American railroad worker superhero, than like a demigod. In fact, the movie goes to extra lengths to convince you he’s just a man, not a god. I feel like it developed the internal struggles of a superhero better than most superhero movies, and that made it more rewarding when he succeeds.