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  • dissatisfied customer - will not receive calls from some cell phones

    Outbound calls seem to work okay. Some inbound calls work okay. Several cell phones, including Verizon and US Cellular are unable to connect when calling this product. When calling the MJ plus with one of these cell phones, you get the message, "You have reached a nonworking number announcement 14 switch 150-1" and the call does not go through. This may be a localized problem, but a web search reveals several people having this issue. Customer support from MJ gives a standard response, ultimately saying they will escalate this to their engineers. Nothing changes however.

  • Oh no, you didn't! - An absolute must for Champagne aficionados and collectors!

    I bought this book based on recommendation. The person who recommended it is in the restaurant space.

  • Another Farmer - Dont know what I'd do without it

    I've been using this for a very long time and it has balanced out all of my hormones perfectly. I dont know what I would do with out it!

  • Evan M - Great Product

    The jersey fits perfectly and looks great! It is exactly as described and the price is unbeatable at how low it is. I definitely recommend buying this if you're looking for a soccer jersey. One thing though is that there is no large blank spot on the back of the jersey as the picture shows. It just has the stripes all around.

  • TEConnor - Great Product. Great Value. Beware the Fumes!

    As has been noted, this thing emits seriously noxious fumes. Buy and wear a proper respirator (not just a dust mask). Open windows. Turn on fans. Turn on more fans. Open more windows. Then buy another fan. Holy Cow, the fumes are incredible. I make furniture and have used every finish product on the market. I'm a tinkerer who has used every glue out there. Nothing compares to this. It's basically like taking 30 tubes of gorilla / super glue and spreading them around. Maybe even more stinky. Did I cover that enough yet? Lol.

  • jkexcellent - Does the job but could be better.

    I've been a user of Quicken off and on for quite a long time. The 2013 version is easier than ever to set up, but there is no reason why Quicken should struggle with setup items compared to how easy is to use. The tag feature works well for a number of items, but I like the way shows you the transaction counts in a bubble next to each account when you are looking at tagged expenses. There is no substitute for how easy it is to enter transactions into the register in Quicken though. Overall, I am very pleased with how well this version works and how easy it was to get going with a complex set of financial accounts. That said, there is NO reason why Quicken should not still be much better and that is why it is getting an average review. I also don't understand why they don't make a wizard interface that educates you on things when you set them up. A perfect example is creating a loan and having to choose the compounding period. Why not take advantage of their Turbo Tax experience and explain this better to users as you go? This is a good product, but the financial management landscape is changing and Intuit better step up and really make this product better. The mobile and cloud support works OK but could be a lot better.

  • Joe Ciranni - Arthitis for Dummies is the book to buy !!

    Not what I expected . If you are looking for information on arthritis get a copy of Arthritis for Dummies . Everything you ever want to know about arthritis .