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  • GOQii | Blog - According to a study titled Epidemiology of cervical cancer with special focus on India, every year in India 1,22,844 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer

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  • Sarah Tracey - Chemical Burns

    I should preface this by saying that I have bleached my hair a bunch of times before. I had never used Splat before but I ran out of my normal bleach and needed to do my roots so I picked this up. I mixed it properly while wearing gloves. While I was waiting the 1 minute for it to sit, I removed a glove to go grab my applicator brush and accidentally got the tiniest amount of powder on my finger. In the seconds it took to go rinse it off, my finger started to burn and it removed a layer of my skin. I shudder to think what would have happened if I actually put this stuff in my hair. Its possible I just have sensitive skin, but this has never happened with any other brand of bleach I have used.

  • Greg, Tina & Family - We were a little skeptical, but it actually works better than expected

    We purchased this hyaluronic acid serum to help with my wife's very light wrinkles and the pores around her nose. We choose this serum because of the ingredients, for all the items it helps & promotes, the positive reviews and that it is natural nourishing. So far we are both please with how it works & helps in the areas we wanted.

  • Amazon Customer - I would highly recommend.

    I've been using these pouches for the past 5 months and I haven't seen any rodents in the house. Make sure to place the pouches in closed spaces (ex. closets, sheds, cabinets, etc). I would highly recommend.

  • Just Me - : Unique, enticing, charming, book with a compelling plot and multifaceted characters

    Oppel really captures the feeling of falling into love – the compulsion, the joy, the blindness to faults.

  • Brian Bigelow - Necessary for repairing your credit!!!

    Wish that I had this book several years ago, has so much information that I needed then. Your credit score is important for so many things, how much you will pay on loans and how much you can borrow. It also affects getting and keeping some jobs which is probably hurting quite a few people these days. Credit scoring methods have also changed the last few years which this book shows how it's calculated now.

  • Amazon Customer - Entire system is a waste of money

    Althought the cleanser is light and gentle, it is also almost idenitical to Cetaphil (check the ingredients.) Save your money and avoid this skin care system. Unles you have such dry skin that your face cracks, you will not be happy with how oily these products feel on your skin. The night melon lotion is not oily but quite frankly did not appear to improve my skin at all and actually caused me to have more acne break outs.