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  • John Benadum John B - No AM reception and poor FM

    Well, I read the reviews and yep, it is almost useless as a functioning antenna. I may be able to get 3 local FM stations to work efficiently? It does look good though on my 2014 RAM Truck and goes through the car wash with no problem. So I guess that I am stuck with the SiriusXM fee (can be negotiable as well) after the 1 year trial period ends. My biggest gripe is the cost. Having owned and operated a machining job shop for 23 years, I can tell you that this is not a $25.00 item. Even produced in small quantities, I would price this out at around $5.00. Add in profit for everyone else involved and some money for packaging and shipping and you have a $10.00/$12.00 best guess.

  • Mason Stevens - I had great results with the 24 day challenge

    I had great results with the 24 day challenge, lost 7 lbs of fat and gained 1 lb of muscle. The biggest improvement was in my energy level. I've done 1 more 24 day challenge since my first 2 years ago. I'll be starting my third challenge in a few days. I love these products!