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  • mendy cryer - MasterBrain came just in time- in untimely circumstances.

    I can honestly say that this is the best cognitive support supplement that I have ever taken. I have noticed quite a difference in my ability to focus, and how much more rested I do feel, even on nights that I may not get lot of sleep. I ordered MasterBrain to try, and it came during one of the worst weeks that I have ever experienced. I had to put down one of my beloved dogs, and in the process I normally would have been worse off- functionally- Though I still felt like I was in somewhat of a fog from the weeks events that lead up to his passing, I know that MasterBrain helped me significantly, in still being able to cope with the rest of my life- work, kids work outs etc. I am still using the product and must say that I really do notice how much better I am able to stay focused on tasks at hand at work, and remembering things that I may normally have forgotten, as my job requires a lot of multitasking. Definitely worth the try-

  • John D - Great value

    Visio has a lot of features and buying the previous version gives you all the horsepower at trailing edge prices.

  • Mr Magic - Truly Victorious !

    Let me start by saying that I have played games since 85- I have played about 90% of consoles that have been released and owned close to 80% of them. Recently, in the past generation I owned the Ps3 the wii and 360. I enjoyed my 360 the most mainly due to the controller and the fast operating system and online. Although I owned a Ps3 and wii. They didn't interest me as much because they seemed to be lacking on the tech. The games on the wii and ps3 games did not seem as good as to me or my family then the games and tech we got with 360.

  • RN SuperMom - awesome, great, love em

    These are actually some of the best space saver / vacuum bags that I have found on the market. I get a little hesistant with these bags anymore because I usually end up let down after a few days when I notice that they have inflated back up again, or have holes in them somehow. I filled these up a few days ago and deflated them. I have been checking veerrry closely on these and so far-GREAT! NO leaks, no holes and no air back inside the bag. Yay. Super happy with these, finally a space saver bag that doesn't disappoint. Awesome purchase, worth recommending.

  • Mrs H - Fun for all

    Fun for all - adults, kids, girls and boys. Comparing with my other dance disc, however, it does not have break down to learn moves step-by-strp, but kids prefer not to have break down of moves.