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  • Wook - Work great and good looking

    The racks are well made and fit perfectly on our 2015 Honda CRV. They are very easy to install and look great. Highly recommended.

  • Arlene - Help yourself first

    The book was a recommendation of a physical therapist to one of my friends. I had severe back issues and could identify my frame from the drawings in the book. I began doing the exercises recommended, along with some medical treatment and now work with a trainer, I am considerably better. Anything but back surgery!

  • Ryan M. Gapen - Issues!!!

    I have had this modem for two years I bought the retail version from best buy and it worked good for a little while. Then it started having errors that would cycle off so when I was surfing the net I would have no internet every forth page or so, then Vonage stopped working. Long story short I spent hours and hours talking with Vonage, cox cable, and Motorola with no help. Finally I went to shop for a new set up. While I was browsing at best buy the guy there said Motorola made a good modem, and then attached a piece of crap router to it. So I bought a new router, went home and disabled the sbg6580's wifi functions completely. It now works only as my modem. What do you know... Problem solved. These should have been recalled by Motorola.

  • Amazon Customer - Much better than the patches in that I feel it does ...

    Much better than the patches in that I feel it does help to supress my appetite. Have been using a week now. I have not weighed, but I'm not eating as much.