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Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center - GBHWC | Formerly Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse - Guam Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse (GBHWC) provides comprehensive mental health, alcohol and drug programs and services for adults and children on Guam.

Country:, North America, US

City: -83.6324 Georgia, United States

  • A. Busch - Excellent fast charging pad for the bedside

    Purchased to for a Samsung Galaxy S7 (GS7). Note that the charging pad does NOT come with a charger; I plugged it into one of these 

  • Michael P. Mcquaide - New guitar users review

    I am a Beginner at playing guitar , and I find this program easy to use. I am trying to learn electric guitar and this software has me practicing over an hour each day. The software adapts to your performance and ramps up your learning as needed. I found many different activities to keep this software interesting and fun. For my money if I am learning guitar and having a good time doing it this has paid for it self.

  • Elle S - Cumbersome and difficult to tighten.

    We have been using maxi cosi Pria 70, 2015 model for about four months now. It is very comfy to our toddler who is 1.5 years currently. She's a taller but slimmer than average baby. We removed the infant insert after about one month (she was 13 months at the time), and she still fits nice and snug. It's a heavy and stable seat that makes me feel it is very safe. The frustration points for me as a mom: interchanging between vehicles and travel is quite cumbersome, and the harness is difficult and sometimes impossible to tighten. I have come to near tears trying to get it to move at times when im in a hurry or in bad weather. It gets stuck with a metal piece on the back of the seat, and you have to work at juggling and pulling on it vigorously to get it to tighten EVERY time. This is very annoying, and slows down the in/out time of your day. Go ahead and plan your errands to take longer as you sit and struggle with this seat to get it to perform properly when securing that belt. Otherwise, it's probably worth the effort to have a highly rated, safe seat for your child. Most moms would think it's worth the time spent, but I hope they will improve future models to function smoothly. We use two other brand car seats while traveling regularly, and they are lighter and much easier to negotiate getting in/out. This is a bear to take through the airport, so save yourself the trouble and get a different seat to travel with or rent cars that come with them.