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  • Gartenbau - Gartengestaltung Grünflächenpflege Pflasterarbeiten Rollrasenverlegung Winterdienst

    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • n. horseman - 2016 ram 1500 eco diesel

    Fits great, glad to be rid of plastic cap in ram 1500, 2016 model eco diesel. Came with second o-ring, I tried fit but it was to small so I went back to the larger o-ring and fits perfect.

  • camper - First Response? More like No Response

    I took a First Response test on Thursday, definitely negative. Took another on Saturday, definitely negative. Took a Clear Blue Weeks Estimator test on Monday, positive and estimating I've been pregnant for 2-3 weeks. Went to the doctor on Wednesday, I've been pregnant for almost 3 weeks. There's no way First Response gave an accurate result, I don't recommend it.

  • Steve G - Amazing flavor and aroma

    I found this kcup at the Starbucks in my local Target. I recently discovered the Xmas and Anniversary blends the same way. Both are great blends. When I saw the box of Casi Cielo, I grabbed it...had to give it a try. The box said dark chocolate notes and lemon. That was a bit odd - I love citrus and chocolate together (dark chocolate & orange are a flavor combo from heaven) but I wasn't swooning over the idea of the lemon combo. Anyway, I am adventurous when it comes to coffee so I plopped down my $12.95 for a box of 12 (a bit pricey but still only $1.20 per cup and cheaper than Amazon). I brewed a cup that night and now I have a new favorite flavor. You can REALLY taste the dark chocolate coming through and there is just a hint of citrus...not really lemony at all. This coffee is great's really incredible. Obsidian has now been bumped to #2! I do love Target for kcup shopping - in addition to Starbucks and Obsidian, they now stock Gevalia and Maxwell House kcups!

  • Dave - great and fun and can save you over $100,000!

    Of all the standardized test prep series, I prefer Princeton Review and actually even enjoy them. They write with a sense of humor and most of their explanations on how to attack the problems and what the answers should be and why are generally excellent. I also recommend their SAT book. Also, the SAT is my test of choice as it is more fun and is the only one that can result in National Merit Scholar status which can result in scholarships amounting to over $100,000. Very worthwhile.

  • kerry fitzmaurice - Nice scent and great buy!

    This frankinscense is a great quality and has a nice fragrance. I just love the 4 oz bottle with the dropper. I have tried several brands

  • Dabbo*0 - Cute Shoe

    I had custom made arch/heal support that I add to my walking shoes. These shoes do need more elasticity through the tongue area but after I put them on a few times, it became easier. The insole use a softer feel, especially through the toe area. Other that that, they are very cute and can be worn with any type of pants without looking clunky.

  • Scott H. - Terrible product grass seed and green food dye is all ...

    Terrible product grass seed and green food dye is all it is. I ruined my shoes plus my hands r green. Wow what was I thinking buying this product. Never ever buy this.