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  • JC in OKC - The whole family is having fun with it!

    We ordered this game in hopes of keeping our kids a little more active. Well, it's keeping ALL of us more active!

  • Crystal Wright - Great Product!

    I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a good body wash to prevent future breakouts.

  • priscilla morgan - Best goldenseal for the price

    Best goldenseal for the price. I use it everyday one a day to prevent uti it's the only thing I have found that works. My mom also uses it and loves it

  • Victor - Defective Set button and TPS system failure

    Product is defective. The Set button stopped working the 2nd day, display does not consistently dim automatically when the headlights come on, and the interface is causing the vehicle TPS to malfunction intermittently. The dash message center reads "Check the tire sensor system".


    I used to give this to my son until I figured out that not only does this have so many things I cant even pronounce it has CARRAGEENAN which is a carcinogen and corn maltodextrin which is similar to corn syrup. Since I am not about to take everything I dont understand from item ingredients these are the 2 I look for and try to go for the least additives possible.

  • Amused - The Itch from Hell.

    This product causes my scalp itch to a degree that I never knew was humanly possible. Literally it's like the itch demon fairy princess from hell came and was digging into your scalp with an "itch-wand" that has needles at its ends dabbed with poison. I kid you not. This doesn't occur right when I put it on, but I'll get itch attacks during the day. And when these attacks occur, dare you even touch one follicle of hair in the area where the Rogaine was applied, the painful scratchy sensation increases a thousand fold. In other words, it itches like crazy, but if you try to scratch it, you will see the gates of Hell looming before you, as it punishes you for even attempting to try to relieve some pressure off your head.