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  • dazie - seems to work really well

    have had some problems with my cat going in places he shouldn't be, on the floor, on rugs, while using this with along with a LED flashlight, by doggone pet products #1 Black Light Flashlight Urine Detector - Professional Quality Ultra Bright Stain Finder - 12 UV

  • Shawna Wolfenberger - This conditioner smells good and makes a difference in your hair texture.

    I have use the shampoo, leaving conditioner, and this hair mask. This probably is my favorite out of the home line. Have a nice sent that is not perfume he works for Friday hair mask. This probably is my favorite out of the home line. Has a nice sent that is not perfumey or to fruity. I like to use it after clarifying shampoo. Just squeeze the water out of your hair after shampooing and let this sit on your head for maybe five or 10 minutes and you can tell a difference in the softness of your hair. I like to use this once a week, and I have fine hair that is on the dry side. You could get away with using this more or even daily if you have very coarse hair.

  • Megan - Nice atmosphere

    I originally got this to dye silk with, but got the courage to dye in the washing machine (glad I did), so I have used it in the kitchen.

  • Ken N - Check expiration dates!!

    These are simply the best instant mashed potatoes I have ever had. What's even better is that there are only 3 ingredients..potatoes and little bit of butter and salt. If you look at other brands you'll see an ingredient list list of 10-20 different things..including preservatives. I have been buying them at Costco for the last year now all of a sudden they are gone. I would think this prodict would be hugely popular..they are really that good.

  • Keith R. - Very nice product if you follow the directions.

    Follow the directions and you will be happy. I use this stuff for playing disc golf. As long as your equipment is fairly clean, and your hands are clean before applying, the result is a very nice dry grip.

  • Zak Abitz - Great image and price. Had a problem with the first unit but second is perfect.

    I've only had it for about a week. The first one I got had 2 dead pixels. Unfortunate but Amazon is great at returns so I just setup the replacement and it came 2 days later. This second unit, works great. No issues. The picture is actually great on it once you set it up to Cinema mode and turn the sharpness down a little. It's 1080p but I watched a nice 4K feed of Breaking Bad on it and it shows. Obviously having the higher resolution image to start with doesn't hurt but it's a great 1080p picture to replace my old 42" Sharp that was in my bedroom. The image is great and LED is really coming a long way. I have a 60" Panasonic Plasma as my living room TV and the blacks and whites look pretty great on this LG. I'm about 8 feet from the TV. My only complaint, and I've seen it on another review, is the stand or feet for the unit. They are on the far edges which if you don't have a wide enough shelf or dresser, you are going to need to adjust that. I wasn't too worried because I know I will be putting it on the wall. I recommend this unit and I've purchased multiple LG units over the past 2 years and they never let me down aside from the minor 2 pixel issue with this first unit. I'll update after a few months of using it.