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  • Howard D - It even works pretty well if I step outside the truck and leave ...

    I used this baby every day being an over the road trucker. One thing I must say is that it is very light weight.. You can wear this all day long with no irritation. My wife always think I'm resting somewhere, because she can't hear the truck,even though I'm barreling down the road at 70 mph! She can't hear wind noise either! It even works pretty well if I step outside the truck and leave the phone on the dash! It also lets you know WHO is calling by name and you can answer orignore calls simply by saying "ANSWER" or "IGNORE", You can also download an app for it,which displays how much power you have left and if you should misplace it,it will send a tone to the headset to help locate it! Things I don't like about it: The charger,it's a magnetic deal,which means if you're not careful,it could slip off unnoticed. Also,there is no way to charge it in a vehicle unless you have another source of power like a power extension cord for the cigarette lighter or a portable power pack charger such as I.Within one day of usage, I lost the foam piece that slips over the ear piece,but to be honest,it works better without it! But overall I love it.

  • Zach G. - comfortable, and all Tazons fit the same

    Pumas are cheap, comfortable, and all Tazons fit the same. These are no different. I love the soles Puma uses. They're good to stand on forever.

  • AWOL - Used on the go!

    We bought this a a gift for our niece that just graduated as a nurse. She found it extremely helpful. The online option for the smart phone allows her to use it on the go when she is not home.