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  • Mary Tran - These fit just fine and the great part is that it comes with ...

    I have wanted wireless earphones for a while but was afraid the earbuds wouldn't fit in my ears. These fit just fine and the great part is that it comes with extra ear pieces, and a carrying case! I use these for my gym workouts and its a total convenience! No wires needed and no wires to get in the way! Excellent buy!

  • Janmarie Brown - If you like historical fiction,you will like this book.

    A good read. Slowed down a bit in some places, but kept my interest. Feel good story of hope, hard work, thinking right and not letting the bad guys do you in. If you like historical fiction (as I do) you will like this book.

  • irockket - Easy Straight Hair Solution

    I've used this product for a number of years with much success. I have naturally curly, unruly hair. Easy Straight causes my hair to become supple, shiny and manageable. It lasts approximately three months; the length of time it takes for new hair growth to come it. I still have to blow dry and style my hair. No product magically straightens hair like the whisk of a magic wand. You are still personally responsible for smoothing out your hair style. A warning. Home hair straightening products are not for the inexperienced. You have to follow instructions precisely as written; otherwise, you can fry your hair. I honestly trust Easy Straight over others I have tried over the years; and I thank the salon professional who invented it.

  • David Farrington - I had Mcafee last year and it updated automatically costing ...

    I had Mcafee last year and it updated automatically costing $95 but was reimbursed when I called. I ordered this program for @10.00 and it Mcafee loaded the latest version. I had problems installing on one computer but Mcafee support was able to make the necessary adjustments and load it for me. Their support is second to none.

  • Rich Mangan - There was no product description for the high blood pressure ...

    There was no product description for the high blood pressure medication I take. The medication is not new. Buyer beware!

  • DANNY TIPTON - Happy

    I received this product for free or reduced in exchange for an honest and unbiased review AMZ reviewer trader Ok this is a really great addition to my households emergency kit. My wife and I are getting older so we needed something to see what is going on from time to time. My wife has breathing problems so I really brought this for her. She has Lyme and sometimes her breathing get weird and her heart will race sometimes for no reason. She has been checked out and her heart they said was fine but again sometimes it does race so thus trying this out.When received I read the instructions which were very easy and promptly tried it out. Works great. Love the little case and lanyard. Very happy with my purchase.Love the cut off feature and the first free batteries.

  • Deception and misinformation! - Deception and misinformation!

    After Rudman's 1990 article in the New England Journal of Medicine reporting that GH replacment increases lean body mass while reducing adiposity and the rate of bone density loss, everyone thought GH was the perfect anti-aging remedy. All the sudden researchers came out of the woodwork reporting how GH replacement is beneficial for the elderly. The drug companies manufactured it and of course they needed a lot of supporting research to get people to take it. This book was written in that timeframe. Now that GH has been on the market a few years, newer research shows that the beneficial effects of GH replacement are very minimal to none and many even report adverse effects, to include an increase in incidence of cancer. So why do we not see a 2nd edition to this book? Probably because anyone who reads the current animal and human research will see that taking GH could be deleterious to their health. In fact, animal research shows that GH excess (as the body could experience in GH supplements) reduces lifespan and that not having GH or being resistant to GH can extend lifespan. It is important to remember that there is no magic pill to reverse or stop the aging process, at least not yet. Research on GH shows us if nothing else that we know very little about how and to what extent GH plays a role in longevity and body functions aside from the obvious growth and metabolism. Readers should be wary of books that profess to have the answer to the fountain of youth and claim to contain all this supporting research, as the supporting research is all they are reporting. That is not always the truth nor an indication that researchers really have the answers. If you want to learn about the aging body, read a physiology book!