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Welcome | Food Safety Laboratory and Milk Quality Improvement Program - Welcome to the Food Safety Laboratory and the Milk Quality Improvement Program, led by Professors Kathryn Boor and Martin Wiedmann.

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  • Michelle S. Baker - 2014 Children's Writers and Illustrator's Market

    I have purchased several issues of this book over the years...I am disappointed in the bland cover this year...but the book is always helpful.

  • K. Angotti - Really liked it

    This is a cool walking stick. As my kids have gotten older we go camping and hiking more. There is a trail we like that has a small part where we hike through a stream in a small canyon. I normally just find a good stick and make due. But this time I used this walking stick. Man was I impressed. This thing is cool. Not only did it do a great job helping me stay balanced but the spring feature was really nice. One nice feature was how I could shrink it as to not take up a lot of space when I was not using it. And I can easily adjust it to my height when I get it out to use it. Disclosure: I received this product for free or on a promotional discount for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions and I am not required to give a good review. I know how important reviews can be to people who are interested in buying this product, what I include is what I actually think about the product and my opinion alone.

  • shop,shop and shop. Is all I do. - Old Faithful

    I purchased this as a gift my step dad moved away, but he's always loved this cologne. He had no complaints it smells good. I like colognes that smell fresh and crisp and clean. This one would be something like that.

  • Luis Alfonso Aguilar Sanchez - I decided to give PES a second change after the worst experience of playing PES 2014 and I don't regret

    PES is back. I decided to give PES a second change after the worst experience of playing PES 2014 and I don't regret.

  • Falcon - Great Modem works with Comcast

    Bottom line: this is a great modem and it works with Comcast. Comcast just doesn't have its act together. This modem is not only on their approved list, it has a three star rating, which, according to Comcast, is "the highest and most thorough level of testing." When the cable installer got here (I got a new line installed), he said that this modem was NOT on the Comcast list. Since I still had my DSL line working, I showed him that not only did Comcast approve the modem but that Comcast thoroughly tested it. He had to call the "office" to activate the internet service. The "office" didn't want to set up internet service for this modem; the "office" stated that this wasn't an approved modem. Well, he recalled the "office" and got someone else and they set up the service. I've been happy ever since. I'm supposed to get up to 20 Mbps download and 4 Mbps upload. My computers are connected wirelessly. Speednet states that I am getting 20 to 25 Mbps downloads and the upload speed is between 3 and 3.5 Mbps. I've gotten similar values with speakeasy and other internet speed testing sites. I have a lot of devices connected: three computers (wireless), two TVs (one wired, one wireless), three different game consoles (connected to the wired TV), two Nintendo 3DS (wireless), one printer (wireless), and an iPod Touch (wireless). At times all of these devices are running at the same time - the computers are streaming You Tube videos, one of the TVs is streaming Netflix, etc. The modem handles all of it effortlessly. I'm really pleased with this modem.